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5 Pro Tips for Creating Your Affiliate Landing Page

Whether you are an Affiliate Marketing veteran looking to give your site a facelift or a recent affiliate set to put their first marketing website together, you can never give too much thought to your landing page. The old saying—sometimes attributed to the wit of Will Rogers—is that “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” And it is a quote as true in life as it is when it comes to your website’s landing page.

Your landing page should inspire confidence, be helpful, and spark action all while still being an effective tool to convert leads. How can you make sure your site does all of this while still standing out? Review our tips below that can help you build a better landing page.

Pro Tip #1: Be Unique

As affiliate marketing continues to grow in popularity, the field of marketers continues to grow, creating a heightened level of competition. In such an environment, being able to stand out is a necessity. Creating a landing page that differentiates itself visually from others is the first step in becoming a market leader.

So how can you do that? Start from the virtual drafting table: consider what kind of layout your site will have. While there are plenty of traditional options that may work for you, consider something outside the box.

Beyond the structural layout, one way to get creative, but also analytical, is to play around with different color schemes. It might be best for you to stay within one color family, like creating a site that is all different shades of green. A more muted color palate may give off a more professional vibe, but a bright and dynamic arrangement of colors could help in standing out and creating a more recognizable brand. It all comes down to your judgment. The most important thing to remember is to build a page that is going to make visitors to it want to stay and look around some more.

Pro Tip #2: Make Sure it’s Easy to Navigate

If you’ve created a landing page that entices people to keep browsing that’s great—the second step is ensuring that they can easily make their way around your site. You can use any number of heat maps or visual analytics resources to discover what is or isn’t working when it comes to your website design. Different products can measure everything from how people scroll, to where they hover their mouse, to where users eventually click. These tools can be invaluable, especially if they reveal that important sections are not getting the high engagement you’d like them to get.

Pro Tip #3: Keep it Current

Once visitors are spending time on your site it is essential that they feel like they are working with a business that is at the forefront of industry news. For this reason, it is important to keep all blog posts and other materials as current as possible. A visitor will have difficulty considering giving you their business today when all your web content is six months old. In addition to letting consumers know you are actively maintaining your site, a steady stream of quality web content is vital for improving your SEO.

Tip #4: Earn Visitors’ Trust

Ultimately, your landing page exists to convince potential customers that you are an authority in your industry and that your business the best choice for their needs. This is all an exercise in trust. If your site is difficult to navigate, hastily designed, or hopelessly out-of-date, it becomes nearly impossible to earn the trust of a consumer. Why should they put their faith, and by extension their money, into your hands if your website suggests you are anything less than a consummate professional? Take extra care in ensuring that every element of your affiliate website is designed to let customers know that you are a trustworthy entity.

Tip #5: Build a Can’t-Miss CTA

Finally, make sure that you have a CTA (Call to Action) that is impossible to ignore. A good CTA should stand out on your page—consider using a contrasting or eye-catching color, so long as it doesn’t clash with the rest of your site. Employ succinct and motivating language instead of lines of overwrought prose. Also, both the words and visuals should convey a sense of urgency: people should be called to action “today” or “right now.” As the primary way you can expect to convert leads, your CTA should be easy to spot and enticing to click.

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