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Affiliate Marketing Tips: Writing Quality Content

There are countless marketing blogs claiming to have the answers to web traffic stagnation, and a common suggestion found on many of those articles is to simply write and produce bolder, wittier, higher quality content. We won’t lie – we’ve written our fair share of those articles ourselves. The problem isn’t that producing new and better content is wrong; no! Doing those things will only help you grow if that’s what you’re good at. Unfortunately, the thought of creating new content every day is extremely daunting for many online lead generators.

We all know that not all marketers are writers or content creators, but having those talents definitely makes the job a lot easier. For those who lack the creative skills but know exactly what it takes to make it in the industry, don’t worry. There’s a way to make more money generating leads without wasting your time producing new content every day. For what-seems-like the first time ever, we’re going to show you how to earn a greater profit not producing entirely new content each time. Let’s get started!

Affiliate Marketing Tip #1: Promote on New Platforms

Old content is only ‘old’ to those who have already seen it. To fresh eyes, they are as good as new. That’s why we suggest promoting your old content (which includes landing pages, articles, forms, display advertisements, etc.) on new platforms. Try your hand at different social media sites, partnering up with marketers who already have a large influence on those individual platforms. This partnership strategy will allow you to reach a wider audience without having to create any new content. Affiliates who are keen at interpersonal communications will thrive in this new environment as well. Just be sure to read the terms and policies of each social platform before you start promoting.

Affiliate Marketing Tip #2: Pitch for New Backlinks

Backlinks are the backbone of high SEO rankings. We’ve written about this before, but more backlinks you have, the more Google will trust your website and assign it a higher ranking in the search results pages. The great thing about pitching for backlinks is that the age of your content doesn’t matter much at all. The only thing that might come into play is whether or not your content has been published previously, as most websites prefer to publish original content on their platforms. So, feel free to gather your old, unpublished content and pitch away!

Affiliate Marketing Tip #3: Promote an Old Article

There are rules against duplicate content, but nothing is stopping you from simply pulling up an old article and putting it on your landing pages again! Like we said before, old content is only considered old to those who are tired of it, but you’re free to keep promoting the same article in different ways to new audiences as you please. There are always new ways to present the same thing over again. By simply changing out the display picture and perhaps switching up the headlines, you will have already freshened the content to a good-enough point to put back on your home page. A slight dusting of the in-text keywords and key phrases might be a great idea while you’re at it!

Affiliate Marketing Tip #4: Reuse Campaigns

In addition to re-promoting old content, feel free to reuse old campaigns as well! This is especially applicable to seasonal campaigns, which are already naturally predictable and reoccurring. Rather than creating brand new content for your seasonal campaigns, just make one or two major visual edits (such as the background and headline of the promotional materials) and send it out for yet another round of potential conversions!

With all of this said, overcoming the fear of writing or productive creative content will contribute to your overall success. Like the famous saying goes, “Practice makes perfect!” Those who hate writing might find it comforting to know that writing is an acquired skill, which means that it can be developed and honed. The same goes for creating other promotional materials!

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