Zero Parallel

Direct Call

Smooth and frictionless calls encourage higher contact rates, conversion rates and call center productivity. Zero Parallel’s direct calls entice more leads to contact your business by eliminating all usual delays in the call process. The end result is a seamless phone call that’s prepped for conversion.


First 90 Seconds Free

Save more to make more with our ongoing 90-seconds-free promotion.

No Delays

Your leads will be transferred over before the dial tone even begins. No hiccups, no delays.

Quality Calls

Our sophisticated filtration system rules out fraudulent and accidental calls so you’ll only speak to genuinely interested leads.

Increased ROI

Audited calls will naturally produce higher conversions for less invested time and resources.

Customizable IVR

Customize your IVR questionnaire to build a call experience that’s unique to your brand.

Call Analytics

Gain full control over all your calls and campaigns with our detailed insights and real-time reports.

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