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8 Helpful SEO Facts You Should Know

SEO is nothing new to the Affiliate Marketing world, but strategies, algorithms, and the effectiveness of old marketing methods change frequently, keeping lead generators on their toes. To stay at the top of the industry, you have to be updated with the latest industry news and statistics. These 8 helpful SEO tips and facts are bound to help you stay on course with your lead generation goals!

SEO Fact #1: Websites that have blogs get 434% more indexed pages than websites that don’t have blogs.

Blogs are valuable platforms for creating keyword-rich content, boosting your website’s SEO power in all aspects. You can also leverage your blog to create trust between you and your audience, establish yourself as a thought leader in your field, and pitch to authority domains to gain more backlinks. The top results on SERPs mostly contain blog posts within your website because it thickens up the website and allows for more indexing to happen.

SEO Fact #2: Leads generated by SEO marketing have a 14.6% close rate, compared to the 1.7% close rate of outbound leads.

Outbound leads, or leads generated by paid advertising, actually generate a substantially lesser amount of conversions than SEO leads. With this knowledge in mind, you can optimize your campaign strategies accordingly.

SEO Fact #3: 18% of all organic clicks go to the #1 position on Google SERPs, whereas 10% goes to the second position, and 7% goes to the third position.

Google, like all other great search engines, designed their algorithm to favor websites that are the best fit for certain keywords. The search engine’s bottom line is to get more users to use their engine, which means that they have to deliver the top quality results each time. Knowing that quality and rankings matter, people tend to only click on the first search results page, especially the number one result. You might not be able to get the number one position on SERPs with a saturated key phrase, but it’s worth it to keep trying for the second or even third position. The higher up you are, the more likely people will click on your website.

SEO Fact #4: 79% of search users say they frequently click on natural search results, whereas 80% of search users say they rarely ever click on sponsored search results.

Sometimes, paid search just doesn’t pay off. An example of which is demonstrated by the shocking statistics above. More users are actually admitting to never clicking on paid ads than there are people clicking on natural, organic search results. With this in mind, you can allocate your time to improving the marketing strategies that work better, i.e. SEO marketing.

SEO Fact #5: Google owns 68% of the search engine market share.

This fact shouldn’t come as a surprise, since most of the developed world chooses Google as their default search engine. It’s certainly best practice to optimize your website(s) for all of the most popular search engines, but knowing Google’s near-monopolizing power in the search engine market, conduct more research on the rules and regulations of their ever-changing algorithm as often as you can.

SEO Fact #6: There are 1.2 trillion global searches each month.

Given, the saturation of each niche determines how competitive it will be for you to up your search rankings, but the sheer fact that there are 1.2 trillion searches each month (that’s over 170 times the number of people on Earth), it should tell you just how valuable the search market really is. Invest your time into growing your platform via SEO strategies and you’ll reap the rewards!

SEO Fact #7: In 2016, there were more search users on mobile than there are on desktop.

Mobile is factually becoming more widely used than desktop computers, which tells you one definite thing: search algorithms are going to prioritize fast-loading, mobile-optimized websites over the slower, older templates. If you don’t have any professional templates that are mobile-optimized, feel free to sign up as an Affiliate with Zero Parallel. We provide all of our Affiliates with the key resources they need to thrive in lead generation. This includes email creatives, ad designs, customizable forms, and so much more.

SEO Fact #8: The top two internet activities are search and email.

Can you believe that out of all the exciting things that are happening on the web, including social media, the top two remain search and email. These two undying activities are here to stay, so you’d might as well capitalize on them using SEO best practices and smart email marketing strategies!

*All unlinked statistics are from Search Engine Journal.

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