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Affiliate Tips: Email Marketing Tips

For Lead Generators, email marketing can be an incredibly powerful tool to drive more quality traffic to your website if you know how to properly use it. It’s one thing to be able to build a substantial email list, but another thing entirely to put that list to good use. You don’t want to harbor a stagnant list of emails for too long. Like they say, if you’re not making money, you’re losing money!

Here’s how to create such compelling email subject lines that your leads won’t be able to resist.

Email Marketing Strategy for Lead Generators #1: Create Urgency

There are specific keywords that trigger a sense of urgency within the consumer, many of which include time-related phrases such as, “Sign up now!” or “Limited time only!” When you communicate that the product or service that you’re offering needs to be accessed immediately, it naturally pushes consumers to want to click on the email with more urgency. The inclusion of time in your email subject line encourages

Email Marketing Strategy for Lead Generators #2: Evoke Curiosity

You want to make your subject line tell enough information so that consumers will want to click, but not so much information that they don’t feel the need to click to know more details. A fun way to do this would be to ask a question with your subject title. Questions automatically insinuate that there’s more to learn, so it’s a natural way to provoke curiosity. You can also use questions to relate to your consumers. Either way, when your email subject line evokes curiosity, more clicks will pour in!

Email Marketing Strategy for Lead Generators #3: Personalization

There is no sweeter word in any language than a person’s own name. Personalization by way of using the person’s name in the subject line makes the email just that much more compelling to read. Now, you might have to employ this method manually, but the open rates will most likely skyrocket. If you don’t know your leads’ names, you can still personalize the subject line by using positive trigger words, such as “you,” “us” or “we.” These inclusive pronouns make the reader feel as though they are important, which further persuades them to open the message.

Email Marketing Strategy for Lead Generators #4: Percentages & Numbers

Percentages and numbers in the subject line add a sense of credibility to the message, unsurprisingly. In the area of marketing and advertisements, we have been conditioned to associate numbers and special characters to indicate that something good and noteworthy has happened. Take, for example, the retail sales emails we so often receive from the brands we love. More often than not, the exact percentage of the sale is listed in the email subject line. That’s because it works. People don’t even need to read the entire subject line, they just have to skim it for important trigger words and special characters. The moment there are numbers in a subject line, heads will start to turn.

Email Marketing Strategy for Lead Generators #5: Stories & Testimonials

It’s not a good idea to make your email subject line too long, but there’s a way to capture a short story or testimonial in just a few words. Think of the following examples:

  • Everyone is Raving about This New Feature!
  • Find Out How John Doe Saved $10000 in a Month!
  • This Service is Already Changing Lives!

As shown, within just a few short phrases, we’ve concocted three different persuasive stories and testimonials. The keys are to mention a figure and explain how he/she has been affected by your offer.

With these irresistible strategies, your click-through rates will skyrocket in no time. For more tips on how to drive more leads and conversions, check out the rest of our blog or sign up to become an Affiliate! Zero Parallel treats our Affiliates to an exclusive, one-on-one advisory session with industry experts who know exactly what it takes to boost your sign ups.

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