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Affiliate Tips: DKI (Dynamic Keyword Index)

If there ever was an affiliate marketer watercooler, you’d likely hear someone say, “I need something that will kickstart my ads.” Those other guys are already using an AdWords trick that many affiliates haven’t yet embraced: DKI (Dynamic Keyword Index).

DKI is an advanced feature of Google wherein you (advertiser) place a small bit of code in your ad that allows the use of one ad for multiple keywords. This saves you from having to write ten different ads, if that’s how many keywords you are using.

How Does DKI Work?

Online {keyword:personalloans} now!

If this is your headline, the words “Online now!” occupy 11 spaces, which means you have 24 spaces left. So, let’s say the searcher types in “bad credit personal loan” (24 spaces) and that’s one of your keywords. If you have DKI, it’ll substitute “personal loans” as shown above for the search words: bad credit personal loans.

So, your ad will look like: Online bad credit personal loan now!

If the searcher types in “low interest personal loans,” this will not appear because it is too many characters. Your ad will still appear and will look like the original ad: Online personal loans now!

There are many benefits of DKI, one of which is that you are using the searchers words. This means it’s a personalized ad, direct to the searcher. It’s no secret that ads which most closely show what the searcher typed in are clicked on more often – and don’t forget that those words will appear in bold because all words that match a searcher’s words appear in bold.

If you use DKI, make sure that all of your keywords have a similar theme and that all of your keywords make sense in the ad headline you have written.

There are a few more options such as capitalization, but you can check AdWords tutorials for more information on that.

We hope this helps and as always don’t be afraid to ask your Zero Parallel Affiliate Manager for help!

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