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Top Ways You May Be Fumbling Your SEO

There’s nothing that says fall quite like a football game. Perhaps you’ve gathered alongside fans to watch your favorite team under a bright autumn sky; you see your hero break free and start sprinting towards the end zone… a touchdown is imminent… but OH-NO! They fumble!

The fans groan as the opposing team picks up the ball. Such a defeat can be painful to watch, your disappointment is even worse if find yourself fumbling your SEO. Just like dropping the ball on the 5-yard-line, committing simple mistakes can have big consequences for your website. Here are a few things to look out for to make sure you don’t lose your grip on your SEO.

Flawed Site Structure

It can be overlooked, but the structure of your website is one of the most significant factors relating to your SEO. While focusing on your homepage is important, it is your other web pages that you’ll need to keep an eye on. Your strongest SEO content should never be more than one or two steps away from your home page.

The best strategy is to keep your web architecture “flat” rather than “deep.” In flat web architecture, your site should be set up so that you have many pages that can be accessed from the home page, with the vast majority of your content being able to be accessed from those pages. If visitors have to click through more than two pages to reach your content, you have deep web design which will negatively affect your SEO.

Duplicate Content

So much of SEO is trying to attract the attention of search engines—like a receiver keeping their eye on a pass from the quarterback. Imagine if the receiver had to follow three or four incoming passes and you only wanted them to catch one? You’re putting the same unnecessary stress on search engines if you’re creating a site with duplicate content.

Begin eliminating this issue by making sure you don’t have any duplicate homepages, possibly left over from web development. Also check your web pages to see if you have the same content on multiple pages—different web pages with the same headings can be disastrous for SEO. Help search engines keep their eye on the ball by eliminating repeat content.

Ignoring Long-Tail Keywords

When crafting your keyword strategy it can be easy to settle on the simple words that most succinctly define what you have to offer. But simple might not always be best in SEO; training your eyes on long-tail keywords can help when it comes to raising your search rankings. Put in the time, or hire the right people, to make sure you’re getting all the research so that you’ve got the best possible keyword strategy.

Slow Pages

Making sure your website—and all of your pages—download as fast as possible is a critical component towards ranking high on SERPs. While having fast download speeds won’t exactly send you skyrocketing up the search rankings, having any lag time in your page download can tank your rankings. Performing regular tests to confirm your page is downloading as fast as possible is necessary for hitting your SEO goals.

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