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Using E-Mail Marketing with Forums

In previous articles, we discussed e-mail marketing, including initial ways in which you can understand e-mail marketing with statistics as well as how you can better use e-mail marketing. If we have learned anything, it’s that e-mail marketing is going nowhere. It’s popular and isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. The nature may have changed, but it’s made way for more for users. In that same vein, e-mail marketing forums are just as widespread.

How Does E-Mail Marketing on Forums Work?

There is no such thing as impossible. There are only challenges and one of the challenges associated with e-mail marketing is often spam. It’s an age-old issue and it’s been around as long as the internet. That’s one of the reasons why e-mail marketing has taken a hit. It’s become a cesspool; although spam is an inconvenience and a disadvantage of using message boards and discussion forums, there are still plenty of opportunities for those interested in e-mail marketing on forums.

There are hundreds of thousands of visitors on forums. The first step in connecting with them is connecting with the webmasters; oftentimes, these webmasters will send e-mails to their visitors. This is your way in for e-mail marketing on forums. They will also help set up a network, so you can send e-mail blasts and newsletters to their visitors. In this sense, you are connecting with an established, dedicated fan base. These e-mails and newsletters are where you will employ your marketing tactics, readdressing them to the links and websites that you want them to visit.

These e-mails and newsletters are often very successful because of how they target audiences directly. The e-mails come directly into their inbox. They don’t need to visit the message board and discussion forum. The e-mail comes to them. This is highly effective because your reach is incredibly wide.

The webmasters can even connect you with “permissions,” which means your e-mail blasts won’t be going into their spam folders. Those receiving spam either delete the mails or never open them. In the case of permissions, you are directly connecting to the readers, who may be interested in your products or services. These e-mails may also help with building your brand and identity. If visitors see you frequenting the message boards and discussion forums, in addition to the e-mail blasts, you may start becoming a household name for them.


If you are marketing via e-mail blasts, you may also consider marketing on forums directly. There are banner spaces for those interested in advertising. These may cost a significant amount of money, depending on the message board or discussion forum, but as far as e-mail marketing on forums is concerned, it’s highly effective because visitors will see your images. This connects with the concept of branding and identity. If people see enough of you, you start connecting with them on a subconscious level. In that sense, marketing on forums can extend beyond e-mails.

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