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Understanding the Benefits of Landing Page Optimization

It’s important to know that in addition to having a website that looks appealing on the surface from a design perspective, a website must also function well from technical perspective.

The headers at the top of a website and various pages that users will be redirected to are a crucial part of web design. Those visiting your website should never feel confused while browsing around; once that is the impression that they are faced with, they will likely never return. In this sense, creating well-designed pages is crucial. There should be continued fluidity for the user.

Landing Page

It’s a common error in assuming that a landing page is simply like any other page that someone may “land” on while browsing. That’s not the case. Those types of pages are often called “web pages,” whereas a landing page is “any page on the web on which one might land that 1) has a form and 2) exists solely to capture a visitor’s information through that form.” These forms that you will discover on a landing page are opportunities for conversion. This is a way of a visitor providing you with their information.


In addition, optimization refers to the “process of making something (as a design or system) as fully functional or effective as possible.” We have discussed SEO Optimization in a previous article and it’s the same concept here. In speaking of optimization in terms of design, we are talking about the enhancing, improving and adjusting of certain aspects.

Landing Page Optimization

If we combine these two concepts together, we can see how both relate with each other. Landing Page Optimization is the process of augmenting of a web page (specifically, a landing page) as a way of maximizing the percentage of visitors that will complete your desired goal. In essence, Landing Page Optimization will likely result in more conversions.

Common Mistakes

There are often a number of mistakes that designers will make while creating landing pages. These landing pages should ideally remain consistent in terms of their design with the rest of the website. This means that the user shouldn’t feel like they have been redirected elsewhere. They should very much feel like they are still within the same space. This means creating a professional and trustworthy design that effectively communicates your intentions.

In addition, as always, your landing page should be user-friendly. If you have a form as part of your landing page, which you likely will, this form should be very intuitive for the user. If they are unsure about how the form should be filled or if a certain part doesn’t make sense for them, from a functionality perspective, this will likely be a problem. In this sense, your landing page should be as accessible as possible.

There is another common mistake that is often made. This is usually with the content and copy of the landing page. In many instances, people will hold back on providing direct copy. This may be unappealing from a user perspective. If key pieces of information aren’t there for them, this may prove distracting and uninviting. The landing page shouldn’t read as if it is off-putting.

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