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Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Tips for Your Next Campaign

One of the great aspects of Affiliate Marketing is that there are countless strategies for you to choose from. It only takes a bit of time and testing to create the marketing process that works best for you and the product you’re advertising.

For example, after you publish one of your weekly articles, do you know which steps to take to promote it? You can potentially pitch your article to authoritative blogs in return for backlinks, promote it on all your social platforms, partner with influencers to promote your post, or all of the above. Of course, some strategies are better than others – especially when applied to certain industries. So, the only tough part left is to choose between them, and Zero Parallel has your back. These are ten tried-and-true tips to keep in mind when you’re promoting your next campaign.

Stay Away from Negative Trigger Words

There are positive and negative trigger words that affect your amount of click-throughs and conversions more than you know. Always try to avoid the negative trigger words if you can. Some of which include words such as, “Spam,” “Won’t,” and “Maybe.” Believe it or not, we recommend that you don’t mention spam at all! Just the thought of getting spammed is enough to discourage your visitors from signing up. Instead, use positive trigger words, such as, “Fast,” “Easy,” or “Free.”

Pay Special Attention to Your CTA

Your CTA (or call-to-action) should stand out the most among the rest of your page content. If your CTA button doesn’t past the squint test, it might be in your best interest to boost the contrast! In addition, you should use a website heat map to see where your visitors click the most (hint: there’s usually more activity within the top fold of the page). Place your CTA box or button where people tend to click the most.

Don’t Overwhelm Your Visitors

Too many options of anything can be overwhelming. Have you ever listened to an IVR giving over five options on the phone? The amount of focus it takes to actually remember and digest those options can be pretty exhausting. The same applies to Affiliate Marketing. Make sure that every single one of your tabs, graphics, and page content contributes significantly to the bottom line. Keep your tabs to a maximum of 5-7 pages to encourage more click-throughs.

Create Gated Content

Gated content entices your audience to sign up for your email newsletters. Emails are incredibly valuable assets to accumulate in the marketing industry. Contrary to what some might believe, email isn’t going anywhere. It remains one of the most prevalent ways businesses and marketers nurture target audience. So, how do you get ahold of as many emails as you can? Create gated content, such as guidebooks, podcasts, or other free downloads in exchange for your visitors’ email subscription.

Emphasize Email Subscriptions

Similar to our last point, email still stands as a great platform to onboard your potential leads. This is why your website content should be optimized to focus on email subscriptions, in addition to the CTA. Your subscription box should serve as an immediate second option for those who want more information about the product or service that you offer.

Increase Your Credibility with the Right Tabs

Make your contact page, FAQs page, About page, and/or Terms and Conditions page as visible as possible. You don’t want to hide these features because they contribute to your legitimacy as an Affiliate. Customers are more likely to trust what you have to say if you show that you aren’t afraid of questions or concerns. In fact, you take initiative in bringing up these questions and concerns. This will give your leads more peace and boost your business practice.

Always Strive to Make Evergreen Content

Evergreen content, as explained in our previous article, is content that is timeless and brings traffic to your website even after you stop promoting it. The value of evergreen content lies in its content authority. To create it, you must explore a broad topic in detail and provide as much information or insights as you can on the topic. Think of it as a one-stop shop for your visitors. The more evergreen content you have, the more organic traffic you will garner over time.

Expand Your Social Influence

Social media is a powerful tool when it comes to Affiliate Marketing. Although dropping links on your social media platforms don’t count towards SEO, it still presents the perfect opportunity to drive more qualified traffic to your website. We’ve written before on how to leverage the power of Facebook for Affiliate Marketing, but here’s the gist of it: create a community of like-minded people, engage in conversations, and onboard them with these personal interactions. Social media is perhaps one of the most effective nurturing tools available.

Create Strategic Partnerships

Partnerships are the key to increasing your website popularity and credibility. It’s possible to form partnerships with blogs or websites that attract the same audience demographic as yours. All it takes is some research and a strong pitch. We recommend that you start by analyzing where your traffic comes from the most. If you’re mainly drawing in organic traffic, you should be analyzing other blogs and websites. Once you have a list of websites you want to pitch to, create a persuasive and concise email pitch to initiate the partnership,

Drop Comments

Finally, drop comments on relevant blog articles and social media posts! These engagements will never go to waste because you will either gain a backlink through it (via article comments) or more exposure (via social media comments). The main thing to keep in mind when dropping comments is being specific and articulate with your thoughts. These comments are going to be a lot of people’s first impression of you, so be sure to turn on spellcheck!

Now that you have all ten tips to guide you on this journey, it’s time to sign up with Zero Parallel and monetize your traffic! Our Affiliates receive free resources, cash rewards, and the best help and support in the industry. Sign up online and we’ll help you get started right away!

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