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Tips and Tricks for E-Mail Marketing


There’s no question about it, e-mail has been and still is a powerful resource.

The rise of e-mail was huge. There was a moment in time when personal computers were blowing up and e-mail was becoming incredibly accessible.

In the time since then, e-mail has evolved so drastically. Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook has discussed his disdain for e-mail and has even declared e-mail dead (or nearly dead). The fact is that e-mail is still hugely popular.

So, what’s e-mail marketing and what’s its significance?

In short, e-mail marketing is when a company sends a commercial message via e-mail, mostly in the form of advertisements. It’s a way of staying connected with your consumers, while continuously and efficiently promoting your business and brand.

What’s the benefit of e-mail marketing?

In short, it’s the best way you can reach a consumer. There was a time when people logged onto computers so they could check their e-mail. The days of AOL are gone. We now receive e-mails on mobile and our phones are more or less glued onto our hands. We’re never not without them and e-mails are always coming directly to the consumer. That’s exactly what you want as an advertiser.

It’s also a good way of keeping your consumers informed. The e-mails you send as part of your campaigns educate your readers and offer them exclusive and relevant information. In sending an e-mail once or twice a month, you’re also keeping contact close with your consumers, keeping them in the loop about what’s going on with your company, and offering them key information. We’ve also seen how e-mail marketing is also a great way of making money!

How can you better use e-mail marketing?

We all know how important first impressions are. The same can be said for e-mail marketing. It’s all in the subject line — more or less. It’s all about what works and what will make your consumers open their e-mails — and when so much emphasis is placed on first impressions, your subject line is literally your introduction. So, even though you may have something more relevant you may want to say in your e-mail subject line, you also want to make sure it’s catchy, appealing, and sums up everything in a short phrase.

It’s also important to keep your consumer in mind when preparing the contents of your e-mail. These are real e-mails that you want opened and read with some sort of call-to-action. So, keep your consumer’s interests in mind during this process.

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