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The Ultimate Guide to Pop-Up Ads

Pop-ups are usually the annoying pages that we don’t think twice about before opting out of them, but it doesn’t mean that pop-ups don’t work. In fact, the reason why they’re still around today is because they do work. Online users have simply become a bit numb to all of the loud outbound marketing that interrupts their daily browsing. To make this traditional marketing strategy work in today’s overly saturated world, you’ve got to be cleverer with the way you optimize your pop-up ads. We’ll show you how!

Time Your Pop-Ups Accordingly

Nothing can be more intrusive than programming a pop-up to appear immediately after the visitor enters your website. This is the number one way to make visitors completely ignore your pop-ups (no matter how optimized they are) and will ultimately cause your bounce rates to increase. The hard truth is that no one enjoys pop-ups, especially when they show up in a distasteful way. Avoid this common mistake by making your pop-ups appear a few minutes into your visitor’s browsing session. Give your visitors time to interact with your website and trust your service before you bombard them with an interruptive call-to-action. When timed correctly, pop-ups can be helpful for your overall user experience. Think of it as an ice cold drink. If a person weren’t tired or hot, shoving a bottle of ice-cold water into his or her face would be a rude thing to do. When you’ve allowed that person to run a few laps and start craving for water, however, that’s when your ice-cold drink will be appreciated. Otherwise, it will just be an unwelcomed surprise.

Tailor Your Content to the Host Site

What we mean by this is to make each page’s pop-up different. Imagine browsing through the different pages of a website to make sure that the service is trustworthy, only to be shown the exact same pop-up everywhere you click. This will get old really fast. Rather than taking the lazy route and jamming the same pop-up on all of your different web pages, why not make this experience tasteful by customizing your pop-ups to fit with the page that they’re on? For example, if the visitor is reading your FAQs page, the pop-up can say something such as, “Got any more questions? Speak with us directly in just one click!” If the visitor is on the home page, your pop-up can say, “Welcome! You’re this close to getting the cash you need!” This simple yet thoughtful customization will mean all the difference to your users.

Brevity is Important

Don’t ignore brevity in your attempt to wow your visitors with your pop-up ad. This might sound like a no-brainer, but not everyone is keen at content marketing. The goal is to say a lot with few words. Your audience isn’t going to read an entire paragraph on a pop-up, no matter how well you’ve crafted your wording. People just aren’t looking to spend more time than they need to, and it makes perfect sense. Your bottom line and theirs are the same: you both want to get the consumer connected with the lender in as little time as possible. Therefore, resist the urge to captivate your audience with long, arduous blocks of text. Stick to a short title and a sub-line underneath, followed by a button or a form for them to click on. That’s it.

Content Hierarchy Should Not Be Ignored

Even with a pop-up ad, you should be very intentional with your design. Since the user will most likely only give your pop-up a few seconds before closing the window, you have to make it clear with your design where you want the user to look first. If everything on your pop-up blends into each other and nothing really stands out, users won’t go looking for the call-to-action. They will simply opt out. Prevent that from happening by directing your users’ line of sight with your design.

We hope that these tips will help you generate even more leads with your clever pop-up advertisements! Remember that it’s easy to discount an old marketing strategy because it seems outdated, but if it still works then it still works. You’ve just got to be more creative with the delivery of the content. Knowing what you know now, your efforts will no doubt be a lot more effective.

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