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The Do’s and Don’ts of LinkedIn

The world is changing because of the digital age and, as with everything else, we are adjusting.

There is such a thing as etiquette on social media and it’s very important that you understand the basics, should you find yourself in a situation that demands the necessary protocol.

In essence, etiquette is synonymous with good manners. In childhood, you probably learned a number of lessons, such as always saying “Please” and “Thank you,” always being respectful of others’ personal space and respecting your elders.

So, how can we be mindful of etiquette as far as social media is concerned?

It’s essentially much of the same concepts. It’s important that you follow the rules of whatever social media you are using, make sure you are being respectful of others and being careful about the amount of personal information you share.

These ideas can be examined very carefully in terms of the do’s and don’ts of LinkedIn. If you have a LinkedIn, it’s obviously for professional reasons, and you should always be careful about how you are engaging with others.

Profile Presence

What’s the point of having any sort of profile on any form of social media if you aren’t active? The first “do” we have is that you should remain active and current with your profile. This means updating regularly; just because you haven’t switched jobs doesn’t mean you should abandon your LinkedIn profile. So, make sure you are updating your skills, profile picture, contact information and job descriptions accordingly.

Make the Switch

This brings us to the next point on our list. If you are updating your profile, make sure you have switched off your activity. If your activity is switched on, your connections will see every single update you make. This can become very annoying for your connections, because you aren’t necessarily updating them with new information; instead, keep your activity on when you land a new job or have something new you want to share. This, above everything else, is basic social media etiquette.

Be Social

In our articles, we often talk about how crucial being social is. It’s important to remember that the first word in social media is “social.” LinkedIn was designed with the intention of connecting professionals together. If you are simply connecting with people, then you are really only getting half the job done. The effort should be that you are liking and commenting on posts and updates. This keeps you in the loop with your connections.


LinkedIn is a terrific resource for all types of individuals; whether you are looking for a new job, want to show off your profile like an online business card or stay connected with other businesses, there are plenty of resources. It’s important, however, that you follow basic social media etiquette, such as remaining active rather than going idle and being social with your connections. If you are overwhelming your connections with constant profile updates or blog posts, your connections will likely unfollow you. So, remember, be mindful of others!

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