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Stay on Top of Compliance

While the regulatory policies continue to evolve throughout the years as new decision-makers step into place, our priority as the leading Affiliate Network has always been to refine our data protection policies and lead the industry in compliance. That’s why we’ve created ZP WatchDog and constantly enforce efforts to encourage our Affiliates to market within the proper boundaries. Compliance speaks much louder than just about anything else in the financial leads industry because it demonstrates that you put the security and privacy of consumers first. Networks and Affiliates who prioritize compliance reap the following benefits:

Building Trust with Authorities: The hierarchal structure of any thriving industry demonstrates that there must be a system of checks and balances to ensure that participants in that industry can all thrive in a safe and fair environment. Hence, the financial industry has established a system of checks and balances for that very reason. When Affiliates market their content within the bounds of the network’s compliance policy, they will gain favor with their network and earn trust with their customers. When a network stays proactive about their compliance regulations, they earn trust with the organizations that hold them accountable and they’re doing a great service for the partners who work with them.

Building Trust with Consumers: Trust-building with your consumers is a critical part of earning their long-term loyalty to your site and brand. One of the most effective ways to establish trust with consumers is by – you’ve guessed it – remaining compliant. Consumers need to be able to trust that their sensitive information will be in safe hands when they submit it on your website. This means to not only mention the words, “safe” and “secure,” but to also demonstrate credibility by staying away from negative trigger words (which we will explain later), taking out aggressive marketing tactics, and staying updated on the latest compliance regulations. If the trust is built, your amount of repeat customers will grow, ensuring a more consistent business longevity.

Earning More Over Time: Because of the trust you earn with your consumers and your network, you will ultimately reap more benefits over time. The networks that you work with will put you at the top of their radar, which gives you more negotiation leverage and a more lucrative partnership, while the consumers that frequent your website will keep using your platform because it’s been demonstrated to be reliable.

How to Stay Compliant

Now that we’ve covered the wonderful benefits of staying compliant, here are the practical ways in which you can maintain a fully compliant website:

Speak to Your Account Manager: Affiliates with Zero Parallel have the benefit of speaking directly with their dedicated Account Manager at any time, ensuring an open communication so that all industry updates and policies can be addressed clearly. Receiving feedback from an experienced Account Manager helps our Affiliates to maintain high quality websites that continue to draw in qualified traffic year after year.

Read the Compliance Policy: Another practical way to stay in the know with compliance is to simply read the compliance policy on the industry as a whole or contact your Account Manager for the network’s current compliance policies. There is so much you can gather simply by reading the policy.

Stay Updated with Negative Trigger Words: Finally, steer clear of negative trigger words, which include “guaranteed approval,” “match,” “100% secure,” and so forth. The exact list of negative trigger words can be retrieved from your Account Manager, but the essence of it is to protect consumers from misleading information. Nothing is guaranteed in this process even though some things can be more likely than others. To stay safe from crossing a compliance boundary, simply check to see if you can use certain words and phrases.

To get more information on how you can be proactive about compliance, sign up as an Affiliate with Zero Parallel or speak to your dedicated Account Manager today.

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