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Social Media and SEO

We have seen how social media plays a crucial role in marketing and we already know how essential SEO can be in your campaigns. We rarely see, however, how both worlds can be blended together in an effort to have both aspects work off each other.

There is no denying how popular social media and social marketing has become over the past few years. It’s also as if rules and records are being broken every few months at the hands of some of the major players. There is no rise of social media — it’s already here and it’s already essential.

The same can’t be said for SEO. In the past year, SEO and how we utilize SEO has changed significantly. Google has introduced a great deal of changes, but this doesn’t mean SEO has become less useful. If anything, it’s still an essential part of marketing. The difference now isn’t the understanding of how each work, but rather, how both social media and SEO work together.

SEO is known for its optimization; as a matter of fact, the word itself is in the name. In the case of social media, however, it’s less about the importance of optimization. We have seen that “instead of taking a keyword-heavy approach that Google [uses], the creative focus [is] around a catchy image with a short, powerful headline.” In other words, SEO is all about its keywords, whereas social media is more concerned with images and headlines. That’s what makes people click, literally.

It’s also important to note that social media helps SEO on Google directly. Google and Twitter have both made clear that Google’s “search results will now include tweets and Twitter accounts that match the search term.” In addition, Big has noted that their search engines consider social networks when compiling results. This also suggests that the popularity of a user/page will have a deciding factor in the returned search results.


It’s always important to leave with more questions than answers as a way of growing your visibility on the internet. These are some questions you may want to consider.

1) What is the future of search?

2) What is the future of social media?

3) How can I stay ahead of the curve?

There will always be new and exciting opportunities that come from the internet, but it’s important to anticipate these changes so you can implement them as quickly as possible. This is how you can set yourself apart from others, because you don’t want to be lagging behind as everyone else advances ahead of you.




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