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Rethinking Link Building

The building blocks of online success are links.

The concept of link building is quite simple. It’s a common SEO tactic that refers to the process of getting other sites to link to your website in the hopes of boosting your rankings.

Moz claimslink building is an art, so let’s dig deeper into how link building works.

In some sense, link building is the gateway to spawning entire ecosystems of connections, each one building upon the last to produce incredible search results. It’s not just selecting any and all websites to link to your page. It’s about being organized and thinking about the quality of the websites you’re going after. So, here’s some ideas about how you can rethink link building!

Link Building is Quality over Quantity

It’s tempting to hunt for as many links as possible, but the basics of link building tells us that not all links are created equal. That’s why a much more effective strategy is searching for the most relevant websites to link build instead. The 80/20 ruleis a popular way of increasing your ROI. This rule suggests that 20% of qualified traffic will give you 80% more payoff.You should target websites that will nurture your leads’ interests, like retail stores, home improvement websites, research articles, or related blog posts. The goal is to keep your visitors focused on the topic at hand, not distract them with unrelated linkage.

Referral Marketing

This is the backend of our first point; not only should you link related websites to your content, you should also strive to get reputable and relevant websites to link to your page as well. In gathering the top influences in forums and blogs, you’ll have them talking about you, which will give you a major advantage in the industry. You can also sponsor infographics, pictures, social media postings, and even submit your link onto business listings and directory listings to drive serious qualified traffic to your landing page. Moz recently came out against the myth that you should never get links from directorates, so go on and extend you reach!

Social Media

The way in which social media figures into linking is complex. They don’t directly play an influential role, but it’s still crucial that you’re everywhere where your audience is. This quote from Moz perfectly sums up how social media plays into the equation: “I think Google cares much more about the engagement than they do about the social share counts themselves.”


It’s extremely helpful to look at competitors when you are starting out, especially ifthey have been ranking for years. This will help you learn the intricacies of their backlink systems. You may want to search up a few common keywords in this industry and see which landing pages pop up first. You can then use a backlink checker to view the list of sites pointing to the competitor’s website. There are tons of free backlink checkers available online and analyzing this information will help you to create a similar strategy of your own.


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