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Outsmarting Google in 6 Easy Steps

According to Moz, Google’s algorithm changes 500-600 times each year to make it nearly impossible for people to figure out all of its elements. The word around the street is that most of Google’s own people don’t even understand its algorithm in full.

The most recent major algorithm update is the Penguin 4.0, which devalues spam and unnatural links in real time, but also makes it incredibly quick for penalized websites to recover. Penguin 4 basically speeds up the existing process of catching bad links and ranking websites.

Our take? This is not a bad thing at all. Links that would take Google months to discover in the past are now discovered almost immediately, which means that webmasters will be able to perform quality control quicker than ever before. If accidentally penalized, you’ll know immediately where you went wrong and bounce back right after you remove the bad links.

That doesn’t mean Penguin 4 will allow you to make all the mistakes you want without proper repercussions. Google is so strict with its rules that it has actually banned itself multiple times for cloaking and buying backlinks. Bypassing their algorithm is so hard that even they can’t do it!

So, with the stakes this high, would you believe us when we say that there’s a way to outsmart Google? Well, there is.

Outsmarting Google

Since the purpose of Google’s immaculate algorithm is to keep people from ranking illegally against its terms and conditions, the best way to ‘outsmart’ the algorithm is to pour your guts out working harder than you’ve ever worked to get the backlinks you want.

That’s right; get down to the real gut-work of it all. Quality backlinks will give you a consistent influx of visitors and, in turn, an increased site longevity. You won’t outsmart Google for long by purchasing backlinks. It’s incredibly costly to pay a top domain to link to you; not to mention, you can get seriously penalized by Google if it finds out (and it most likely will). Too many times on the naughty list will result in bad things… but we won’t go there right now.

Without violating any of Google’s algorithmic mandates, you can still earn quality backlinks by pouring hours into the following tried-and-true techniques:

  • Find and report broken links (pitching your own at the same time)
  • Drop your own links in the comments of industry blogs
  • Make infographics (and submit them to related websites, or sites like Infographic Reviews, Slideshare, Reddit, or even Pinterest—based on your target audience)
  • Post in industry forums
  • Build internal links
  • Guest post

These tips are simply for link-building, which is still a critical part of gaining SEO traffic, but SEO involves countless other elements. The SEO practice itself already demonstrates some level of understanding of the Google algorithm. Despite its frequent changes, there are still core factors that generally work for webmasters just like you. There has to be some sort of core rules, otherwise, people wouldn’t know where to even start when it comes to ranking. We believe that these are the core ways to work alongside the Penguin 4 and earn the results you want:

  • Have a blog to link build, nurture leads, and inject keywords
  • Be consistent in posting new content
  • Be consistent in using link building best practices (the list above)
  • Take advantage of social media
  • Increase your website loading speed
  • Optimize your titles, tags, and descriptions with relevant keywords

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