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Mobile is Now

It’s no secret that mobile is booming.

If you don’t think so, you may want to take a look around the next time you’re in a social setting. The chances are the majority of people are looking down on their phones. They are either texting, browsing the internet, or watching some form of media (pictures or videos). In any case, smartphones are essentially glued onto our hands at this point.

The numbers confirm all this. The sales of smartphones have officially surpassed sales of conventional computers. The gap is actually much larger than you may be thinking. In 2014, manufacturers of conventional computers sold approximately 300 million units. That’s amazing, but that’s roughly how many iOS and Android devices were sold per quarter in 2014! In addition, Forbes recently said that “mobile is the future of everything.”

The emergence and dominance of mobile is particularly important because of the influence it’ll have on software in the future. The world of desktops shouldn’t be written off, but the fact that mobile is no longer an “afterthought,” suggests that people are thinking of how mobile can be utilized in new and exciting ways.

In fact, smartphones are even destroying the market of digital cameras. Do you remember when you had a phone and a camera? That’s no longer necessary, unless, of course, your camera is significantly better than your phone and on the level of a DLSR. The camera that comes equipped with your iPhone now does a better job than your old cameras, plus you can share directly onto social media afterward.

So, what’s this all mean?

Well, if the majority of your audience is on their phones instead of their computers, that changes a lot of things in terms of marketing and how you’re reaching them. We once customized websites based on desktops and made sure they were smartphone compatible; now we realize that the majority of our audience will probably see our websites on their phones first.

In addition, this also highlights the importance of how we connect with our audience. If mobile is where our audience lives, we should be thinking of ways in which we can directly connect with them. We already know how important social media is. If you are attempting to brand yourself, you should be thinking about the areas in which your audience can be found.

Forbes even noted that “if you don’t already have a mobile strategy you’re implementing, you’re going to be late to the game.” We already know how important apps are. It’s now a matter of embracing a “mobile-first mindset,” which is what the consumers are doing, but it’s something we should be doing as well.

The fact of the matter is the mentality “adapt or die” still applies. The question is whether you want to be one of the last or one of the innovators.







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