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Marketing Strategy Tips: Promoting Your Content

Experienced bloggers will tell you that the amount of time you spend creating your content will go to waste if you don’t spend at least that same amount of time promoting your content. Content distribution is just as important as creating the content itself. What good is it if you create a fantastic article if no one can find it and read it? The most common form of distribution is through social shares, but since that method is so well known (and quite straightforward), we will skip right over that and give you five different ways to distribute your content and how you can better plan your online marketing strategy.

Marketing Strategy Tip #1: Email Newsletters

One of the most neglected forms of content distribution is email marketing. Despite the increasing rise of SMS, social media, and other modes of instant messaging, emails are still being used professionally across the board. Take advantage of this marketing stream and nurture your leads through email newsletters. Within those newsletters, attach links to your latest and greatest articles. If you don’t have an email list yet, check out our previous article on how to grow your email list by the hundreds. It pays off to have a list of high quality leads you can reach out to when you need to distribute new content.

Marketing Strategy Tip #2: Blogger Outreach

In addition to email marketing, you should also keep in step with the well-known influencers in your niche. By forming strategic partnerships with these influencers or bloggers, you will have a greater chance at 1) getting more backlinks, 2) learning more clever strategies about your industry, and 3) drive more referral traffic to your website. Reach out to bloggers or influencers to give your content a shout-out on their page or platform, in exchange for something equally beneficial for them! Not every request you send out will be requited, but it never hurts to ask.

Marketing Strategy Tip #3: Guest Posting

Next, guest posting is a fantastic way to get a larger audience to read your content, if you know where to guest post. Ideally, the website that you guest post for should pull in the same target audience as yours. The key to guest posting is to be concise, confident, and thorough in your pitches. Some websites allow for unsolicited article submissions, where you can write your articles first before submitting them. Other websites take in guest contributors and assign them topics to write about. Each time your content gets published on a renowned website, you earn a new backlink – which adds to your website’s SEO rankings.

Marketing Strategy Tip #4: Link Pitching

This is a lesser-known method amongst digital marketers and lead generators, but link pitching is quite straightforward. You can either offer your article link as-is to a related website and explain why it will add value to their readers’ time, or you can find broken links on those websites and draft replacement content for those links. This is how the latter works: Use a free broken link checker to scan your prospects’ websites (there is a variety of free tools you can use on the web), research what information the broken link used to provide, write a relevant article to replace that outdated info, and pitch your new link to the website while letting them know that their previous link expired. This seems like strenuous work, but if your replacement article doesn’t work out for that website, you can always redistribute it elsewhere.

Marketing Strategy Tip #5: Comment Signatures

This method is quite easy and has been used for years. Placing your website on your comment or email signature does indeed encourage click-throughs if the people you speak to are genuinely interested in learning more about you. Some comments sections have a “no follow” code, which disables signature links from having any SEO value. However, even if these links don’t help your website rank higher, they will still help qualified leads find the way to your website.

Now that you have these five surefire ways to promote your website and have a solid plan for your web marketing strategy, go out there and make the most out of your proud creations! To get more insights on how to properly promote your website through SEO, social shares, and other means, feel free to reach out to our team of industry experts. We offer help and support 24/7 to our Affiliates.

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