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If you run your own blog, you have probably thought to yourself at some point, “Can I actually make money doing this?”

It’s possible and many people have done so. The internet could become your office, but just like any other business, it’ll require a lot of hard work and commitment.

There is a lot of opportunity for those interested in making money in the online world. There are several steps you can follow, which could help you make money with your blog.

1) Content

The first step in the process doesn’t directly bring in any income, but it is an important step if you are interested in making money with your blog.

Those who have a blog usually maintain a very casual online presence. This doesn’t mean, however, that your content shouldn’t be of the highest possible quality.

Why should people visit your blog over others? What makes your blog different? In fact, take a minute and think about the websites or blogs that you frequent throughout the day. What is it about them that attracts you to their page, in particular? The more original content you produce on your blog, the more visitors you will naturally have.

It’s essential that you have good content, but it’s equally important for people to know that you exist. It’s imperative that you create and foster relationships in the online community. These can come in the form of relationships made via social media or connecting with others who have similar interests. You must establish yourself and set yourself apart from others. It’s also a bonus if your blog reflects your personality or your company’s brand.

2) Advertisements

The average cost of a commercial that runs during the Super Bowl costs millions of dollars. That’s because the Super Bowl is the most watched event on television.

The inclusion of ads on your blog is a great way in which you can make money. If your blog attracts a lot of visitors, individuals or companies will want to advertise with you because of your viewership.

It’s best if these ads are relevant to the content of your website. If you run an arts and crafts blog, for instance, reach out to those who have an online store as potential advertisers. They will definitely be interested in advertising with you if you have a lot of visitors and your target audience matches up with theirs.

If you are just getting started, consider offering ad space for a discounted price. Who doesn’t love a good deal? You can offer that they advertise with you for the first month for half off or pay for six months and receive an entire year.

Those who are interested in advertising will do so if they feel like it is a mutually beneficial deal. So, offer some extras, such as a mention on your blog’s Facebook and Twitter for those who commit for a package deal. You should make it feel like it’s worth their money.

3) Sell Online

If you have an inventive idea for a blog, you probably have other ideas cooking up as well. You can use your blog as a platform for other projects that you are interested in creating. You can open up an online store that ties into the content of your blog.

If you use your blog as a space for writing about weddings, where you offer new ideas and suggestions, think about selling custom, handmade wedding favors or invitations. The addition of an online store on a blog has become increasingly easier and more accessible for the everyday person. If you’re creative and artsy, you can combine those skills and expand the potentials of your blog. These projects can then become an additional source of income for you.


The most important thing that you should remember is that you must treat your blog like a real business. The only way your blog can grow and make money is if you put in the time and effort.

It’s also important that you keep in mind that you should always diversify your income. If you can generate income from various sources, you can potentially make more money with your blog.

You should come up with inventive ideas and implement them, based on what’ll work best for you and your blog. You can offer memberships/subscriptions that allow for exclusive content, or even sell your services, whether you’re a writer or a designer.

If you already have a blog, or a financial blog, and are interested in making money with your blog, consider registering with us here and becoming an affiliate.

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