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LinkedIn Tips


LinkedIn has become a powerhouse recently.

The website had always been a public space for resumes, but it’s now positioned itself as a place where employers can learn about their prospective employees.

It’s important to remember that your LinkedIn profile should be carefully curated as a way of ensuring that it’s reaching its potential. If someone doesn’t have an instant picture of what you do for a living, it’s likely that you will be skipped.

In previous articles, we have written about how you can use LinkedIn as a way of better improving your visibility. There a number of things you may want to keep in mind if you are serious about your LinkedIn profile — which you should be! There are no guarantees, but it’s always best to stay ahead of the curve and make sure you maintain an accurate image of yourself on social networking websites.

Minimal Profile

This is a concept that you can connect to much more than LinkedIn. The idea that less is more is something that extends into other social networking services and social media websites. The goal is having as little clutter on your profile as possible. Those who are visiting your profile (such as potential employers) shouldn’t be confused about who you are what you’re interested in doing in your respective industry. There should be a very clear portrait painted of you through your descriptions of your previous work experience. If there is any confusion, it’s likely that you will be ignored in favor of someone else.

Professional Photograph

LinkedIn is a professional network. It’s not the same type of place as Facebook or Instagram. Those social media platforms allow for a much more casual representation of who you are because it’s a space for connecting with friends and family. LinkedIn is all about business, and as a result, you should maintain a level of professionalism all throughout your profile — beginning with your profile picture. The photograph you chose for your profile shouldn’t be a casual, fun picture of you (although, depending on the type of work you do, you could possibly play around with the idea); instead, you should have a professional photograph of yourself, possibly a portrait or a headshot, preferably one that is good quality and wasn’t taken on a smartphone, which makes clear that you are in a business setting. In other words, your profile picture should look as you would look during an interview.







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