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Landing Page Optimization

We know what optimization means. It’s the act of making something, such as a design, for lack of a better word, better — as in, more user-friendly or more optimal for the web or for mobile.

There are, however, numerous mistakes people make with their landing pages, which are sections of a website that are accessible by clicking a link on the home page of a website. It’s important to be mindful of these common mistakes because fixing them will help improve the overall functionality of your websites, as well as make them more identifiable during search.

The act of getting visitors to the website you manage is only part of the hustle. The majority of the struggle is making sure everything else is in order.

What does a landing page need?

The most important thing that you should keep in mind is that your landing page is, more or less, a generic website that is meant to convert your visitors. In this sense, you should consider the main ingredients your landing page should consist of.

The overall marketing message should match with your website. It’s best to remain consistent across your landing pages in terms of marketing. There should also be a clear call-to-action that is inherently apparent on the landing page itself.

What are some common mistakes?

Forbes recently cited some of the common mistakes with landing pages. They had a bevy of items on their list, including the fact that many landing pages don’t have a “dedicated” focus, that their copy is too brief, and even the fact that many landing pages aren’t optimized for mobile. So, let’s dig deeper into these ideas.


  • Clear Focus
    • There should never be a lack of focus on the part of your website, and if your visitors are confused about what their intention should be on your landing page, then the battle has already been lost. This means your landing page should set out to accomplish whatever it is that you need, which is, more than likely, converting your visitors.


  • Clear Copy
    • The content that you have on your landing page should be concise, but informative. So, don’t skimp out on the information that your visitors need. The purpose of a landing page is conversion, but the information should be relevant.


  • Mobile Optimization
    • The fact is that more than half your visitors are visiting your website and your landing page on mobile. That’s a fact these days, and if you aren’t thinking about how your website looks on a smartphone, then you aren’t thinking about the right things. It’s important to be fully optimized for mobile or you risk your conversion rates.



These are some of the steps you may want to take when creating a new landing page. These are also some notes you can use if you want to revisit your current landing page and see how you can make improvements. It’s key that your landing page is optimized so you can see better conversion rates.







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