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Increase Your Followers on Twitter

The first step for all social media is creating a profile – whether it’s Facebook, Instagram or Twitter – you are essentially starting with a blank canvas.

Twitter can be a solid resource for reaching out to consumers and building your brand, and if you already have a profile, you have undoubtedly wondered at some point how you can increase your amount of followers.

It’s a good question because it’s one that essentially everyone asks themselves. The lack of a following often makes you feel like your shouting out into the void; with a solid fan base, you can feel like you are on your way in terms of your branding.

If you’ve been on Twitter, you have probably already experienced the feeling of receiving a handful of followers here and there – followers that you immediately know are associated with fake accounts. These sorts of accounts will surely boost your follower count, but it’s definitely all about quality over quantity, especially when your goal is connecting with an actual audience.


It’s important that you have content on your Twitter page. This means, quite simply, that you should be tweeting. It’s very common that people will unfollow someone because they are no longer active – and for good reason. If someone hasn’t posted anything worthwhile for weeks, people can quickly lose interest. If you’re posting content – content that is worth sharing, by the way – you are positioning yourself as an active member of the community. In fact, think about some of the people that you follow on Twitter. It’s probably because of the news that they break or the material that they share. In this sense, your content must be equally compelling.

Connect with Community

Yes, having solid content is important, but it’s also important that you connect with your community. This means throwing yourself into conversations and replying to tweets. It’s a great way of having people know you exist. If you are constantly communicating with others and making your presence known, they will likely follow you back. It’s also a great way of getting your name out there, as others will see you as part of a conversation and look into your profile. So, find like-minded individuals and start e-socializing with them!


Who doesn’t remember the famous selfie during the Academy Awards in 2014? Ellen DeGeneres took the best selfie of all time with a number of celebrities, including Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts and a funny-looking Kevin Spacey. The most iconic part about the selfie isn’t the celebrities – it’s that the image broke the record for most retweets. The image received 1.8 million retweets in the first hour and currently has 3.4 million retweets.

It’s everybody’s intention to have a post that popular, but think about the fact that when you retweet others, those people will receive a notification that you did so. It’ll prompt them with hopefully looking into your profile or perhaps even thanking you. It’s an extra way of staying engaged with the community, but it’s also an essential way of helping others spread their information, which will likely benefit you as well.

Engage During Events

In a film theatre, you may power off your phone, but television is a whole different story – live-tweeting during shows and events have becoming increasingly popular, with people chiming in on the discussion with hashtags. If you engage during events, millions of people will potentially find your tweet as they’re searching for similar hashtags. If you can set yourself apart whether it’s your humor or your insight, it’s a great way of people finding you and following you. It is also an effective way of further building your brand, as you’ll be engaging naturally rather than sharing content.



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