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Increase Your Revenue with OPEN MARKET

Affiliates who have signed up for our incredible OPEN MARKET program have already generated up to 40% more revenue than before. In short, the OPEN MARKET program was designed to help our Affiliates have more control over their campaigns, more insight into their lead marketing journey and, of course, more revenue. The program offers the most advanced lead management system in the industry at absolutely zero cost. The LMS offers up to 600,000 free pings a month with technical support available 24/7 and API integrations included. Rather than letting their lost leads go to waste, Affiliates can remarket their leads and increase their profit margins significantly.

If you’ve already signed up for OPEN MARKET, then we have great news for you: the LMS has been updated yet again with an entire suite of new features and reports. You will be able to:

Test Your IVRs

Now, you can test the effectiveness of different IVRs by automatically sending traffic to any specific publisher through any chosen IVR. Rule out the worst performing IVR optimizations and keep those that drive the most sales. IVRs are extremely helpful when it comes to providing a seamless call experience for consumers.

Simplify Your Emails

Everyone appreciates prompt replies. That’s why we’ve developed a way to automatically create responses to all of your email requests, delighting your clients with prompt feedback and improving your brand image in the process. Zero Parallel always strives to make the lead generation process more convenient for our Affiliates, so expect to see more features regarding email campaigns!

Get to Know Your Leads

We understand how crucial it is for Affiliates to know their target audience inside out. In addition to the granular lead details you’re already receiving from the LMS, we’ve added new reports to give you even more insight into each of your leads and their current status in the system.

Customize Your Ping Tree

The multi-tier ping tree is now even more customizable than ever, with features that allow you to view user activities and more. At times, more than one person will be viewing the ping tree. That’s why we’ve implemented a way to eliminate duplicate edits once and for all. Feel free to edit or delete your ping trees as needed without worrying about another user overriding your changes.

Track and Manage Effortlessly

The LMS already came equipped with the most relevant features to date, but Zero Parallel always aims to go above and beyond with our innovations. We want our Affiliates to be able to track and manage their leads effortlessly; hence, new features were added to help you stay on top of the latest responses and campaign statuses. It even gets so granular as to showing you URL that was implemented. Affiliates can also compare buyers easily and filter their campaigns by integrations and other unique parameters.

Enjoy the Full User Experience

To allow for an even more thorough customization experience, you can now adjust the background images and color schemes of your authorization and error message screens. You can also set up notification presets to speed up your existing process and create a hyper-secure, multi-password process to protect the individual parts of your system.

Finally, we’ve also implemented a new tool that allows you to store content of up to 200,000 characters in length, spread that content across all Public Feeds and edit the content from a single location.

For those who are missing out on these amazing new features, sign up with OPEN MARKET today! You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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