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5 Things Affiliates Should Do to Increase Conversions

As a serious lead generator, your bottom line is to hit a certain quota each month when it comes to converting your leads into sales. You’re working hard to deliver targeted traffic to the network you work with; optimizing your content day and night to ensure higher conversions. A dedicated digital marketer with an online business of your own right, you need to crank out enough conversions to keep growing. Luckily, you’ve stumbled upon the right blog article.

With years of experience under our belt, we know what it takes to encourage higher conversions. You might already be doing some of these things, but it takes more than just a few optimizations here and there to maintain a consistent growth in sales. If you apply these five tips religiously, you will most likely experience a steady incline of conversions. Here it is:

Lead Generation Tip #1: Pay Attention to Compliance

In contrast to popular belief, compliance policies are actually beneficial to all parties involved. Affiliates who optimize their content according to the network’s compliance policy are most likely going to prioritize their user experience more much more, which ultimately results in higher conversions. Compliance policies were designed to watch over the industry, ensuring that consumers are protected and Affiliates receive the fair return they deserve. A smart way to go about this would be to review your compliance policy and make note of the changes that need to be implemented.

Lead Generation Tip #2: Make the Call to Action Clear

Perhaps the culprit to your stagnation is the invisible call to action button, or the CTA. The general rule of thumb is to have one main CTA on every landing page so the user knows exactly what you want them to do. By making the CTA visible and clear, you are also boosting the user experience. Some marketers make the mistake of not highlighting their CTA enough, while others create too many different CTAs. Both of these extremes confuse the user, resulting in lower conversion rates.

Lead Generation Tip #3: Boost Your Page Loading Speed

It makes complete sense that your page loading speed would play a significant role in lead conversions because your loading speed determines your bounce rates. The longer it takes for your page to load, the more likely your visitors will become frustrated and exit out. The unfortunate thing is that many of these slow-loading pages are well-meaning and full of great information. The very reason why they are slow to load is because the content has been hyper-optimized with all kinds of high-definition images, pop-ups, plugins, and attributes of that nature. Yet, if it causes the visitor to opt out, it’s not worth having those optimizations. Test your page loading speed using a free tool online and identify what needs to be taken out and what should be added.

Lead Generation Tip #4: Create Professional Content

Another big player of lead conversions is content quality. Especially in the financial niche, consumers need to feel confident that their information is going to be handled securely. One way to encourage this confidence is to make sure that your content is professional and reassuring. If you need to get your content revised, get it revised. It will help establish trust between you and the consumer, so it’s worthwhile. By going the extra mile to deliver professional content, both you and your leads will receive what you’re each looking for from the exchange.

Lead Generation Tip #5: Get Notable Recommendations

Finally, to ensure that you will close more sales than ever before, try to get as many notable recommendations as you can in the form of backlinks. Reviews work wonderfully as well, but we encourage our Affiliates to stay compliant and make sure that their reviews are 100% authentic. Getting recommended through backlinks might even bear a greater impact on your overall traffic quality and conversion rates because it also boosts your SEO rankings in the process.

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