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How to Stay on Top of Lead Generation Trends

The best way to stay on top of the lead generation industry can be summed up in one word: intentionality. Intentionality is being actively aware of not just what you’re doing, but why you’re doing it. We understand that this concept can be too high-level to help you make any practical changes, so we’re going to break it down into smaller, digestible pieces in this article. If you want to stay on top of the latest trends in digital marketing – specifically, lead generation, we’ll show you how. Keep reading!

Lead Generation Tip #1: Survey Your Audience

If you have an email list, when was the last time you surveyed your contacts to see what they want/expect from your service? Getting their take on your performance is perhaps the most important aspect of your quarterly evaluation because your email contacts are the warmest leads that you have. The first thing you should do as a lead generator is to establish a solid list of contacts using incentives such as gated content, giveaways, and enticing things of that nature. These valuable contacts will allow you to conduct surveys and A/B tests to ultimately enhance your customer outreach strategies. You’ll never know if the next customer suggestion you receive will be the marketing game changer you’ve been waiting for. So, survey your contacts and show them that you care about their user experience!

Lead Generation Tip #2: Research the Latest Marketing Trends

When all is said and done, the bottom line is whether or not you’ve done your part to research your industry’s trends. There are multiple options for you to choose from when you’re conducting research on broad topic such as digital marketing. Check out the latest trends in content marketing, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, visitor retention strategies, and creative outreach strategies. When you constantly keep yourself in the loop with all of these ideas, you’ll find it easier to form your own strategies in light of everything that you’ve learned. Luckily, if you’re tired of researching one aspect of digital marketing, there are handfuls of other aspects to keep you engaged.

Lead Generation Tip #3: Utilize Technology

Software that helps you remarket your leads, such as Zero Parallel’s exclusive program OPEN MARKET, which gives you access to a Lead Management System, allows you to exert more control over your ROI. Don’t shy away from using technology to help you stay current with the latest and greatest strategies. Like we always say, don’t just work hard, but work smart. Putting in long hours of manual labor isn’t always the most efficient and effective method. If you sign up for OPEN MARKET, you’ll receive advanced lead tracking and lead managing tools for free. Imagine all the wonderful optimizations you can achieve with this much insight and control over your campaigns.

Lead Generation Tip #4: Pay Attention to Metrics

As we’ve mentioned, metrics play an integral part in your quest to stay aware of new trends. If you don’t give too much thought to your metrics, using it only for the high-level insights to see if your recent campaigns worked or not, you will be missing out on the full potentials of what proper analytics can do. A significant part of staying current is to not only observe your metrics, but analyze them in comparison to the subtle algorithmic changes on the web, the current happenings in the industry, and even natural disasters. For example, the recent hurricanes caused a slightly lower EPLs than normal. Affiliates that don’t pay attention to metrics and current times might be frustrated because of a sudden dip in ROI. Those who keep themselves aware might have anticipated this dip and made appropriate optimizations to keep themselves from experiencing anything too drastic.

Lead Generation Tip #5: Monitor Influencers

One of the smartest things you can do as a lead generator is to closely monitor your competitors and potential influencers. This takes a measure of discipline and consistency for it to become a habit, but it’s well worth your time. Influencers are always collaborating with new partners, making them the hub for new and exciting marketing strategies. If you’re trying to monitor an authoritative website, competitor, or influencer, there are free tools that you can use to help you.

If you found these tips to be helpful, check out the rest of our blog! Once you feel like you’ve got a pretty good idea on how to start marketing your website, sign up as an Affiliate with Zero Parallel and start monetizing your traffic!

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