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Growing Your Business with a Free Lead Management System

The road to making more revenue at a more consistent pace is to invest in technology that will help you meet those goals. Besides getting advice from your peers, fellow Affiliates, and even industry experts, you also need to rely on a strong lead management software to help you grow your online platform. Thankfully, Zero Parallel has the tools you need to help you manage your leads easier than ever before. Most of our Affiliates have already signed up to use this awesome new feature, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. Here’s why you should consider signing up for OPEN MARKET, our exclusive program that provides you with access to an advanced Lead Management System for FREE!

Reliability is a Given

Once your campaign is up, it stays up! OPEN MARKET helps you to maintain your uptime and manage your campaigns with an intuitive, user-friendly dashboard. The cloud software doesn’t rely on local internet sources, so you can focus on driving your leads while the provider takes care of the rest. Enjoy your uptime with zero flaws and interruptions!

It Grows with Your Platform

The redundant software will mirror your current capacity and grow with your business. This means that any Affiliate can make great use of the LMS during any stage in their lead generation career. The sheer scalability of this product helps you grow your platform from the ground up. No amount of leads are too few or too heavy for the robust LMS. Regardless of where you are in your lead marketing journey, OPEN MARKET will help you manage your leads seamlessly and propel you towards your goal.

Incredible Analytics

OPEN MARKET also provides detailed insights and reports on all of your campaigns, keeping you updated with your progress in real-time. The most important aspect of any marketing campaign is knowing your target audience inside out. OPEN MARKET gives you a full look into your campaigns, so you’ll know how your leads are reacting to the various outreach methods that you employ. The highly accessible platform also allows you to create comparison charts and customize your filtration settings with ease. You’re in full control of your campaigns.

Available Help & Support

Not only is OPEN MARKET user-friendly and highly accessible, you can also get help from our agents 24/7. Lead generation is not an easy industry to break into, and there are countless strategies that you can use. Not all of these strategies might be right for you, so having a chat with our help and support team might help you determine which course to take. If you have deeper questions regarding the industry itself, get connected with an industry expert today. Our highly experienced Account Managers are on standby to help you succeed in this space.


OPEN MARKET captures your leads. You can view your leads as they roll in through your ping-tree, online forms, and other digital outlets. You can also transfer your leads and send leads in real-time through multiple online channels.

To sign up for OPEN MARKET for free, click here!

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