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Getting Started: Earn Your First $100 with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing takes an incredible amount of patience and determination to succeed, but once the ball starts rolling, your efforts will pay off—big time. Many of our Affiliates make much more than $100 a day, but the journey to achieving that level of success requires careful planning, writing, pitching, and hours of investment. Luckily, we have the technique laid out for you right here!

Affiliate Marketing Strategy #1: Start a Blog

You can’t always advertise your service upfront because it might come off as being too forward, but what you can do is start a blog. Having your own publishing platform allows you to draw in users from all walks of life. You can write about different life circumstances that relates to your target audience, and then promote these articles through email marketing, guest posting, and different social platforms. You can even repurpose your articles to make new creatives, such as infographics, tweeting series, guidebooks, and other gated content to drive people to your website. Blog articles are incredibly versatile and worth your time investment.

Affiliate Marketing Strategy #2: Target Your Traffic

One of the most important first steps to affiliate marketing is targeting your traffic. By targeting the right group of people, your level of engagements and conversions will be much higher than if you were to promote blindly. You can find out who’s most interested in your service by researching your competitor’s audience. Using an Excel spreadsheet, compile a list of competitors, their main marketing platforms, and the audience demographic engaging on those platforms. Your goal is to market on those same platforms and figure out other venues where your targeted audience hangs out the most.

Affiliate Marketing Strategy #3: Get Backlinks

Backlinks are the holy grail of SEO marketing. If an authoritative website links to your landing page or article, this will not only drive a whole lot of traffic to your website, but it will bump you up just a little higher on search engine results. Getting backlinks is no easy feat, but it’s a necessity if you want to have great SEO results. One of the ways to increase your chances of getting quality backlinks is to create irresistible content, which is persuasive content that adds value to your website visitors. To learn how to write irresistible content in depth, check out this complete guide! If you want a better idea of how to start getting backlinks, perhaps this in-depth article will give you a greater perspective.

Affiliate Marketing Strategy #4: Nurture through Emails

Email marketing remains one of the highest-converting marketing strategies to this day. Just think about how many times you jump aboard a flash sale or clicked on an email because of an interesting headline! To successfully convert your users, you first have to compile an email list. This is usually the most difficult part of the process because you’re trying to convince your visitors to sign up to receive your promotions at any time. Yet, there are several creative ways that prove to work time and time again. Find out how to grow your email list by the hundreds with this article. Once you have your email list, try experimenting with various email drip campaigns. These automated campaigns will take care of the entire nurturing, engagement, and reengagement process for you! Here are 10 free email marketing tools to help you create your awesome drip campaigns!

Affiliate Marketing Strategy #5: Make Multiple Channels

To have an active, running river, there has to be multiple streams connected to the main source. Similarly, you’ll have to be willing to invest in multiple channels in order to drive the kind of traffic that will earn you at least $100 a day. These marketing channels can consist of authoritative websites that link to your page, your social media platforms, email marketing, and even offline marketing. Don’t just have one type of channel, but explore a few different combinations and see what works best for you!

If you apply these tips on a regular basis, then you’re already off to a fantastic start. If you haven’t signed up with us yet, register now to become an Affiliate and start earning today!

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