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Getting E-Mail Lists

The online world has shown us how active communities have become. In advertising, e-mail marketing is a commonly used form of internet marketing. The success of e-mail marketing, however, depends largely on generating e-mail lists. Those with mailing lists with e-mail addresses and an established body of people may see that their e-mail marketing strategies work well. The question then becomes how you can grow your own e-mail lists. If the past is any indication, we have seen how joint venture giveaways have been solid ways in which people can develop e-mail lists.


These joint venture giveaways, for many, have been an answer to the question of how getting e-mail lists is possible. The process isn’t easy and, as with everything else, your mileage will vary. There are, however, several joint venture giveaways that happen every month and you can easily join in on these various opportunities. These giveaways have a starting and ending date that is scheduled in advance by those who organize them. They can be anywhere from a week or as much as a month.

Growing Lists

The way this all works is rather simple; online marketers come together and collaborate on a giveaway. There are usually anywhere from a handful of marketers or hundreds of marketers working on one. These online marketers will then offer a minimum of one free gift. Those giving away a gift are called contributors. These contributors are provided a special URL which means they can now promote their gift or giveaway. Their gifts and giveaways are then “ranked” — if you bring in more contributors, you will “rank” higher. This also increases your list of e-mail addresses. The contributors who are participating can promote their products as well as the giveaway itself. In fact, it’s important to note that you will be promoting the giveaway, as it’s your responsibility as a contributor participating in the giveaway.

This strategy of e-mail marketing has worked for many. In fact, many people have been generating e-mail lists quite successfully. There is usually no requirements as far as how often you can participate in these giveaways. So, oftentimes, people will join when they want to expand on their e-mail lists and grow them with more e-mail addresses. Those who already have a product that they can promote often jump on these opportunities.

Other Opportunities

There are many other opportunities for those interested in getting e-mail lists, such as ads with Google AdWords, banners and solo ads. These forms of advertising can also produce successful e-mail lists for you. There are always opportunities in terms of e-mail marketing. The most important thing with growing e-mail lists is keeping in mind that you need a way of connecting with people. This may be encouraging those that you already know that they forward your newsletter or inviting subscribers via social networks. The goal, as always, is quality over quantity. In other words, you may be generating an extensive list, but the main concern should be how good those prospects are for you. This means you should target the right people in your respective market.





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