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Affiliate Tips: How to Get More Qualified Leads

The process of lead generation is akin to attracting iron with a magnet. Have you seen the viral videos of people extracting iron from cereal using a powerful magnet? As the magnet scans the zip lock bags filled with blended cereal and water, traces of iron begin to trail behind wherever the magnet moves. In the end, the extractor is able to separate a chunk of tiny iron shards from the bag of cereal. This is the perfect picture of pull marketing, otherwise known as inbound marketing. In pull marketing, the lead generator implements strategies to attract as many high quality leads as possible. Going back to the magnet analogy, the stronger the magnet one uses, the more iron will be drawn from the solution. Similarly, the more potent and effective the marketing strategies are, the more leads it will most likely attract.

We would first like to distinguish qualified leads from the rest of your acquired leads because qualified leads are much more difficult to find than just any website visitor. We categorize the lead as being qualified if he or she was targeted and shows undeniable interest in the product or service. These actions can be tracked using an advanced Lead Management System in conjunction with Google Analytics. It pays off to start targeting high quality leads because your conversion rates will most likely increase as a result. For Affiliates who are serious about boosting their conversion rates, here are the top tips for acquiring more qualified leads:

Affiliate Tip #1: Target Your Keywords

Using Google’s Keyword Planner, you can find the most popular keywords and key phrases that are worth competing for in your niche. Although high popularity also means that it will be more difficult for you to rank against other competitors, the payoff is also much higher if you do end up ranking. Our mindset is that if you’ve decided to do Affiliate Marketing, then do it to win. There’s no point in scaling back if you’re going to be spending time and effort on it either way. You’d might as well try to compete with the big players from the get-go. Aim for the keywords that other marketers are targeting and then optimize your own platform to be better in every aspect: user-friendliness, content quality and the whole package.

Affiliate Tip #2: Promote on Relevant Platforms

This tip might seem like a no-brainer, but our intention is to emphasize on the importance of relevance. It might be a good idea to promote on as many channels as possible, but focus most of your energy on finding the right outlets to promote your ads and content. This all comes down to the concept of audience targeting. Affiliate Marketers who choose to promote on the right platforms tend to earn higher conversion rates because their audiences are much more targeted. Qualified traffic is key to getting better results. Make the most out of your time and effort by promoting on platforms that prove to be the most lucrative. This will require you to research your fiercest competitors to see where they are promoting their content so that you’ll have more clarity as to which marketing channels work best.

Affiliate Tip #3: Advertise Consistently

Consistent promotion helps even the most novice marketers to gradually improve on what they do. One timeless piece of advice that we often give to our Affiliates is that recipe for success might be slightly different for everyone, but the non-negotiable ingredient is always consistency. Be consistent in your A/B testing to see which strategy combo works best, and then be consistent in promoting those proven strategies. You can learn more about what those strategies might be on our blog.

If you found these tips helpful, just wait until you speak to one of our dedicated Account Managers. Affiliates with Zero Parallel have complete access to our industry experts 24/7 for guidance and tips on effective Affiliate Marketing. To sign up, all you have to do is fill out a short online application and we will contact you regarding the next steps shortly.

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