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Four Ways to Get Fierce with Your Emails

Sometimes the world of marketing can seem very competitive, if not downright ferocious. But it’s pretty tame when you compare it to the American wilderness. Esquire’s list of some of the toughest wild animals in the U.S. is a reminder of the ferocity of the natural world.

Believe it or not, there are some lessons to be learned from these potent predators when it comes to your email marketing. Here are some tips on how you can use some animal instincts to make sure your business stays at the top of the food chain.

Keep It Lean

Few predators in America are as precise as the mountain lion. These solitary wild cats prowl massive swaths of land—often attacking their prey in an instant from behind. They are lean, mean, hunting machines.

You’ll want to mimic a lion’s precision with your emails. A key email tip is to keep things short. Email recipients are likely only giving your email the quickest possible scan. If there’s too much information or the message is too long, they will almost certainly swiftly move along to their next email.

Sharpen Your Wits

Wolves are pack hunters—utilizing their intelligence to work as a team to bring down massive animals like elk, moose, and bison. When it comes to writing your emails, you’ll want to employ some brainpower to come up with something that is clever and eye-catching. Some 105 billion emails are sent every day, so your emails must grab the attention of your recipient. The best way to do that, in addition to keeping them short, is to make them humorous or particularly interesting. Put your wit to work, and you’ll improve your chances of seizing success.

Focus Your Attention

There’s a reason that keeping a close watch on something is known as having an “eagle eye”—the bald eagle has absolutely incredible vision. It can spot prey in a three-mile range from over a thousand feet in the air. While you’ll never be able to see the world like an eagle (their vision is 7x better than that of a human), you can use your eagle eye when sending your emails.

In email marketing, a common mistake is sending one email version to your entire subscriber list. Use segmentation to send specific emails to targeted audiences. When your recipients get an email that speaks directly to them—either based on where they live, their job, or their demographics—they’re much more inclined to engage. Like an eagle in the sky, keeping your attention trained on one target will make it that much easier to achieve your goals.

Prepare for Action

No animal might be more feared in North America quite like a grizzly bear: they weigh hundreds of pounds and have incredible strength. While grizzlies often subsist on a diet of bark, berries, and the occasional fish or deer, they have fearsome weapons in their claws and jaws should they ever need to act.

Every email you send should include a dynamic call-to-action that gets your recipients to do something: purchase a product, sign up for a webinar, or attend an event. Your call-to-action message needs to be finely-tuned: use exciting verbs to tell your subscribers what you want them to do and add urgency by making this email part of a limited time offer. You’ll want to tap into your subscribers’ instincts to seize on something so they don’t miss out.

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