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Affiliate Tips: How to Create Your Own Conversion Funnel

Simply put, a conversion funnel is a relatively straightforward strategy in which you acquire traffic, build your captive audience, and convert them into sales. Sounds easy enough, right?

The steps we’ve mentioned are incredibly watered down, and you, as an Affiliate, know better than anyone that every step mentioned is a hard battle on its own. That’s why we don’t want to leave you to figure things out by yourself. If you’re new to affiliate marketing, the process of creating a conversion funnel can be dizzying if you don’t know where to look. In this article, we’ll explain the importance of having a funnel and the steps to create your own unique conversion funnel. Let’s get started!

Affiliate Tips: Benefits of a Conversion Funnel

Conversion funnels are integral to the overall growth of your marketing strategies and revenue. Lead generators who are not intentional about building a solid conversion funnel find themselves constantly baffled at how unpredictable traffic and conversions can be. They might even find themselves questioning their own abilities or website design, when in fact, the attribute that needs to be adjusted is being completed ignored. With a solid conversion funnel in place, every step of the process can be easily tracked and optimized as needed.

Step 1. Get More Traffic

This is the step that new Affiliates generally have the most trouble with. There are numerous ways in which one can drive more web traffic. We’ll list the top three ways below:

SEO: Otherwise known as search engine optimization, SEO is an online marketing strategy that pulls in some of the most qualified web traffic out of all other digital channels. The crux of SEO is to deliver high-quality content and design that attracts more web searchers and complies with the search engine rules and regulations. There are multiple ways in which one can upgrade one’s SEO, but here are our top four recommendations.

Social Referrals: This method requires that you either build an authentic social media presence or reach out to a social influencers who have already built a large, loyal following of their own. Social referrals can be powerful tools if you reach out to the right audience. Pay attention to the follower demographic before you agree to collaborate with any social influencer in order to ensure higher conversions.

Paid Advertisements: The next popular way to boost your web traffic is to pay for advertisements, which includes anything from sponsoring articles to displaying your ads on a popular website’s sidebars. Paid advertisements work, but you will, of course, need to set a budget for these campaigns.

Step 2. Nurture Your Leads

Once you’ve already gained traffic and subscribers you need, the next step is to actually nurture your leads. Leads can quickly waste away if you don’t immediately take action. For example, if you’ve received email subscribers, a great way to start nurturing these new leads is to enroll them in an email drip campaign, where an automated greeting message is sent to their inbox to welcome them to your service. The next automation could be sent the next day, telling your new leads about your service. This process of lead nurturing is integral to building a trusting and loyal consumer base. The more people trust you, the more likely they will convert. This is also why it is beneficial to have a blog on your website. Blogs are great ways to attract new leads and nurture existing ones.

Step 3. Pitch for a Sale

Finally, once your leads are ready to be converted into sales, craft your pitch in the most convincing way for the platform that you’re working with. That’s right, this indicates that there should be multiple sales pitches on multiple platforms, which ultimately means that you need to apply the conversion funnel to multiple places. Whether it’s your website, email, or guest post, any time you’re creating content to reach new consumers, your goal is to make sure that it has the ability to attract a lot of viewers, build confidence in your potential customers, and have a strong call to action.

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