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Create Irresistible Content that Attracts Links

A lot of off-page SEO revolves around link building, so this is what many smart marketers spend most of their time doing. The problem is: where do you even start?

Link building involves other people, and you obviously can’t force anyone to link to your page, but there’s a method to enticing your big-name readers to link to you.

Google weighs the value of your content based on a wide number of things, but one of the weightiest factors is backlinks. When an authoritative website links to your page, Google registers this as a huge recommendation for your website. A few more backlinks from high-traffic websites and you just might find yourself on the front page of Google SERPs.

This is how you can create content so enticing and enriching that websites will want to link to you naturally:

Content Tips for Affiliates: The Three E’s

The best articles embody these three E’s: enrichment, engagement, and expertise. Let’s first talk about enrichment.

All of these E’s might overlap at one point or another, but enrichment is essentially the overall effort you pour into your creative content. Enriching content is often well-researched and are substantially long articles (700-2,000 words). But it’s not just about packing your articles with repetitive facts and ideas, just to meet your word count. Enriching articles provide the reader with greater insight into the topic. You want to create content that edifies your readers.

Yet, enrichment alone won’t make your content irresistible. You also need to make it entertaining. Add photos, shocking statistics, interesting quotes, and captivating subheadings to engage your readers and entice them to keep reading. Even if your content is rich with facts and valuable insights, the length alone might discourage some readers. To combat this, make your content visually appealing and as well textually insightful.

Finally, irresistible content provides expertise on the topic. This isn’t strictly talking about facts or statistics, but also the tone of your writing and your personal experience on the topic. Tone matters a lot when it comes to delivering persuasive content. A person might not actually be an expert on the topic, but if he or she writes confidently and avoids the passive voice as much as possible, the reader will be more likely to perceive the work as trustworthy. One of the ways to do this is to avoid speaking in the passive voice. Rather than writing, “Important keywords have been used by the author of this article,” write in the active voice, “The author used important keywords in this article.” This simple trick separates strong, convincing articles from weak, precarious articles. If your content embodies all of these three E’s, people will begin to share your work across their different platforms.

Content Tips for Affiliates: Include Actionable Tips

If your article remains conceptual throughout, it will be harder for readers to be captivated by what you’re saying, let alone apply the things you said. Actionable tips, relevant examples, and other forms of demonstrations encourage readers to refer back to your content more often. You can include actionable tips in just about every article, but those that are especially geared towards a call-to-action definitely requires some actionable tips along the way.

We see many B2C and B2B companies using actionable tips to draw in more viewers. People love recipes and strategies because it gives off a sense of expertise. The more relevant and straightforward your tips are, the more credibility you will gain on the subject. No one enjoys reading confusing instructions; least of all, your visitors. If you include plenty of valuable, actionable tips in your content, you might just earn yourself some quality backlinks!

Content Tips for Affiliates: Don’t Give Up Easily – Be Consistent!

Consistency is key when it comes to creating irresistible content that attracts links. SEO is not a do-it-once-and-forget-about-it deal, but an ongoing battle for the front page. If you earn your first few backlinks by applying all of the guidelines above, don’t just stop there. Keep going! Experiment with more tips and tricks, such as using emotionally-provocative titles or titles that include shocking statistics. There is always going to be things you can do to improve your content, so why not test them all?

We hope that you will earn the backlinks you want with these guidelines on your side! The road to getting more SEO value might be difficult, but don’t give up before your big break comes. It’s going to be worth the hard work!

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