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Affiliate Tips: How to Create High-Converting Forms

As a lead generator, you know that almost every aspect of your website and outreach methods have an impact on your conversion rates. That’s why the most meticulous and intentional marketing ploys seem to always work best. With an online business that’s focused solely on generating more qualified traffic, you can’t take your chances on content and design. Today, we want to zone in on one of the most defining aspects of your customer journey: the signup form.

Don’t Fear the Form

The first step to creating a high-converting form is to just do it, by the words of Nike. Similar to a first draft of your essay, you want to just get all of your ideas out of the way as efficiently as possible so that you can go back and edit it later. No one wants to turn in their first draft if they are aiming for an A. The same concept applies to your signup forms. After you’ve created a few drafts, edit them according to these guidelines:

Don’t Ask for Too Much At Once

There’s probably nothing more demotivating than having to fill out a long form before receiving something you want. No one likes paperwork, even if it’s online. Rather than overwhelming your web visitors with a detailed form with all the information you need from them, try breaking up the questions into sections or simplify the form to asking only the most necessary questions. Short and straightforward forms generally encourage higher signups because you’re allowing consumers to get closer to what they want without wasting their time.

Show the Process

If you decide to segment your questions into columns, divide each group by name and show your visitor where they are in the signup process. A popular retail example would be the following groups: Cart, Contact, Shipping, and Payment. By breaking up your form into separate stages, you encourage them to finish signing up without overwhelming them with rapid-fire questions. It’s always best practice to show the signup process if you want more completed forms.

Start with One Question

Another way to approach this is to simplify your questions and ask one at a time. Start with an attention grabber, such as, “How much money do you need?” Even if visitors think that they don’t have enough time to fill out an entire form in the moment, they can certainly answer the first question, which would lead to the second, third, and so forth. We don’t recommend asking more than five questions in a row to avoid abandoned forms.

Option to Sign Up for Newsletter

To consolidate your forms and calls-to-action, give your web visitors the option to sign up for your newsletter towards the end of the signup form. It can be as simple as a checkbox. This small but significant step shows your customers that you are a legitimate website that provides value for your subscribers. It’s also an effective way to grow your email list organically.

Add a Message

Contrary to what some might think, you can add a bit of personality and be creative with your forms. It shouldn’t be treated like a lifeless piece of content that you have to just stick on your website. Feel free to communicate to your visitors why they should sign up immediately.

Finally, to speed up the process as much as possible, sign up with Zero Parallel to use our professional form builder for free. Why build your own from scratch when we’ve already developed high-converting forms for you to customize? This is only one of the great benefits we provide for our cherished Affiliates. If you want access to our top-tier lead management system with dozens of powerful features, sign up to become an Affiliate with Zero Parallel today.

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