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5 Easy Ways to Convert Your Leads

It can seem as if any edit or optimization can have bearing on your overall conversion rates, since lead conversion is such a delicate art. Similar to building a trusting friendship, it takes a lot to onboard your customers and get them to trust your website. On the flipside, it takes very little to break that trust and go back to square one. Our intention isn’t to scare you, but to encourage and guide you through the process. In order to boost your conversion rates, we’ve compiled a list of the top five things every Affiliate should do as soon as possible. Let’s begin!

Lead Conversion Tip #1: Personalize Your Approach

By personalizing your marketing approach, you’re essentially nurturing your clients through the act of building trust. We’ll talk more about nurturing in a bit, but in essence, personalization tends to be substantially more effective than sending out a mass message because of psychological reasons. Studies from the University of Texas claims that the consumer reaction to personalized experiences is rooted in two factors: the desire for control and the repulsion from information overload. When consumers receive a personalized message, it gives them a false sense of control over the situation so they are more likely to respond to the outreach. In regards to the information overload, consumers are exposed to thousands of advertisements each day, so they are accustomed to shrugging off general ads. A personalized outreach method will give the impression that it’s not just an everyday advertisement, which reduces the sense of information overload.

Lead Conversion Tip #2: Nurture

As briefly mentioned above, an effective way to convert your leads is to take the time to nurture them. Nurturing builds trust, which is a crucial aspect of getting your leads to sign up for your service. Besides personalizing your outreach methods, you can also nurture your audience by blogging often, sending valuable content to their inbox and simply keeping your website clean and professional. If something about your method doesn’t communicate that you are a trusted service, stop immediately and evaluate that action. The stakes are just too high to compromise when it comes to building trust with your customers.

Lead Conversion Tip #3: Create More Value than Asked For

Value is created when you pour time and effort into writing high-quality content or making your website extra user-friendly for visitors. At the very least, your website should be loading at a decent speed, is mobile-friendly, and has a clear call-to-action (or CTA). These optimizations are the most basic ways to provide value, so we urge that you go above and beyond to do more than what’s expected. Rather than simply choosing a mobile-friendly website, perhaps you can increase the mobile loading speed and create forms that are mobile-friendly. You can also send out regular newsletters with detailed blog articles on topics that would help your target audience get what they need. The more value you provide your audience without asking for anything in return, the more they will trust your service.

Lead Conversion Tip #4: Optimize Your CTA

Your CTA should be the most prominent attribute on your page. That means your web page design needs to make it easy for the audience to spot your CTA without having to search for it. Some marketers call this the “squint test” because of the idea that visitors should be able to see the CTA button even while squinting. Oftentimes, this simply requires that you make the button a brighter or more vibrant color. Try testing different colors and copy to see which works best for your specific audience. The biggest mistake is thinking that there’s nothing more you can do to make your CTA better. The more tests you conduct, the closer you’ll be to getting the conversion rates you want.

Lead Conversion Tip #5: Create High-Converting Forms

Finally, the last lead conversion tip of the day consists of the forms on your page. Forms can make or break the consumers’ decision to sign up for your service, so you want to be extra careful about this step. Keep in mind that no one likes to sign paperwork, so keep your questions short and sweet – asking for only the most necessary information upfront. You can also use the form to entice visitors to sign up by listing only one question at a time. To get optimized form templates and feedback from industry professionals, sign up as an Affiliate with Zero Parallel.

Affiliates with Zero Parallel get these tips sent straight to their inbox on a monthly basis via our helpful newsletters. In addition, each Affiliate is also assigned his or her own dedicated Account Manager for 24/7 help and support. Not to mention, our Account Managers provide excellent feedback for our Affiliates. Sign up to start generating more revenue today!

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