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Conversion Optimization

There is a lot of work that goes into maintaining and managing websites. If you have any experience with websites, you know that setting up your website is only the first step. In fact, you will soon be thinking about how you can better optimize your website and increase your conversions.

That’s where Conversion Optimization enters the conversation. Conversion Optimization is the process of making key adjustments, whether it’s on your website or e-mail lists, in the attempt to increase the number of overall conversions. There are a lot of expert ideas out there regarding the best tricks, so let’s run talk about what works best.

Kissmetrics has observed that there are two main groups of people in the area of optimization, tacticians and strategists. The first group of people focus on various aesthetic tactics, while the second group of people construct a concrete plan.

There are a great deal of websites that don’t live up to their potential, and the fact is, most business websites are under-performing. The persistent problem that they face is high bounce rates, which means “few leads being generated and lack of ROI from marketing activities.” Conversion Optimization addresses these issues head on.


Tactician Tom focuses on the details. These people will thinker over a button’s color and size, having extensive discusses about whether a big red button will do the trick for them. This kind of person will also focus on “elemental, on-page concerns like form fields [and] pop-up windows.” Tactician Tom will have a lot of great tools at his disposal, but he will eventually be raced with a roadblock after making a ton of tweaks.


We’ve heard time and time again that testing is key when it comes to Conversion Optimization, and that’s precisely why Strategist Sam has a plan. This kind of person will “create documentation about why they are running tests and what customer needs they are trying to address.” This kind of person knows there isn’t necessarily a right button color or size. It’s more about making improvements over time and learning about the consumer.


In this sense, strategy looks at the big picture. It’s about making a plan, sticking to it, and executing it through and through. It’s a process of understanding your consumers rather than making arbitrary changes on the fly. There are, however, key tactics that you must explore as a website manager.

Zero Parallel, for instance, offers affiliates conversion a number of optimization opportunities. We’ve designed a pop-up widget that can be added onto your existing website, so when a consumer wants to exit a page, you have a second chance at the conversion. These kind of opportunities provide website managers with additional tools and tricks.

If you are interested in monetizing your financial blog or website, consider registering with us here and becoming an affiliate. If you are an existing affiliate and want to learn more about our highly converting pop-up widgets, contact your affiliate manager directly.






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