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Connecting with Consumers Directly

The way we do business has changed over the years.

In the past few years, mobile traffic has outgrown desktop traffic. 65% of B2B marketers use mobile websites and apps. LinkedIn also reported that 55% of its traffic came from mobile devices, while Google noted that half of its US searches were on mobile devices.

We’ve seen how consumers now prefer connecting with businesses over the phone. They’re already on their phones and so clicking on a phone number and connecting directly is easier than filling out a form on a website. The fact is a simple click of the button is so much easier.

Zero Parallel’s DIRECT CALL program helps you maximize your revenue by taking advantage of mobile traffic. It’s time to optimize your traffic and increase your earnings per lead. 

  • Customizable Filters: have complete control over how you build your campaigns 
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response) Options: link your call campaigns with your data campaigns 
  • Reporting: comprehensive reporting offers you essential insight into your campaigns 
  • In-Depth Analytics: our dedicated account managers help you optimize your campaigns 
  • Safe and Secure: consumers’ information remains much safer and more secure


Why do affiliates use DIRECT CALL?


  • The program is as robust as our web lead tracking platform
  • We provide you with unlimited, dedicated phone numbers
  • Keep your website traffic, increasing your earnings per lead

Why do advertisers use DIRECT CALL?


  • The consumer is sent directly to you instead of being redirected from webpages
  • We deliver calls simultaneously, so the quickest advertiser takes the call
  • When you’re optimizing your marketing strategy, you’re increasing your revenue

Zero Parallel is a short-term loan affiliate network, and with our DIRECT CALL program, it’s more than leads… it’s DIRECT CALL.

DIRECT CALL also optimizes the consumer’s experience. The first-come, first-serve auction model for how calls are pinged ensures consumers are waiting less and connecting with advertisers directly.

This is the future of lead acceptance. It’s time to keep your business ahead of the curve!

For more information, watch our video on our DIRECT CALL program.


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