Zero Parallel Promotes Compliance with ZP WatchDog

Zero Parallel, Pay per lead affiliate network, has launched ZP WatchDog, a solution for preventing the growth of fraud in the Pay per lead industry.

ZP WatchDog encourages participation from Affiliate Networks and Lead Generators who will use the database to submit information about publishers who continuously breach consumer data. The database will consist of Publishers who have been marked as “non-compliant.”

ZP WatchDog continues Zero Parallel’s quest for keeping consumer protection a top priority. “There is a great deal of fraud in our industry. This behavior is detrimental to the way we do business. Zero Parallel has made a commitment to compliance since the beginning. This is our duty to the industry,” says David Gasparyan, President of Zero Parallel.

Those registered with ZP WatchDog can cross reference banned publishers with their existing lists in an effort to block publishers before they hit their system. The submission process requires detailed notes and comments for all entries, including specific information about why each individual is added to the database. Their Terms of Use provides concrete information about the submission process and outlines the intended nature of how the database should be used. Zero Parallel will also review all inquires before they are made public.

ZP WatchDog elevates compliance to a position of central importance within the online consumer lending community. In addition, Zero Parallel is also soliciting input and suggestions from those in the Pay per lead industry for more ways in which the growth of fraud can be prevented.

Please visit ZP WatchDog to sign up and make consumer protection an industry-wide effort.

Zero Parallel is a short-term affiliate network designed with the experience to deliver results. Zero Parallel makes use of a proprietary lead tracking system, which ensures industry-leading payouts. Please visit for more information.

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