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Affiliate Tips: What Does “Search Friendly Design” Really Mean?

It’s in the name.The process of building your website so that it is readable by search engine spiders is what we refer to when we say “search friendly design.” This is referred to as “crawlable.” These are the things you should do so that your site has a search friendly design.


  1. <h> Tags: Your headlines should have keywords in them and should be clearly labeled as <h1>, <h2>, and so on, in order of importance with “1” being the most important.
  1. Title Tags, Meta Descriptions and URLs: The <title> tag tells a search engine the “topic” of the page and should be placed within the <head> tag of the HTML document. You should create a unique title for each page on your site. Your title tag is also helpful to searchers because they are usually posted in the search result. The meta description tag tells the search engine in greater detail what the page is about and also appears in the <head> portion of your HTML document. It’s important to remember that the URL to a document is displayed in search results so it’s seen by the both the search engine and the user.
  1. Sitemap: There are two types of sitemaps: for search engines (sitemap.xml) and for people (sitemap.html). The majority of the things that you do in designing your search friendly website will be beneficial to searchers and site visitors as well.
  1. No Flash: The search engines don’t read flash. They read text. I won’t go so far as to say no flash, but use it smartly and sparingly.
  1. HTML Formatting. It’s the language of websites, use it and use it to your advantage!
  1. Toolbar: The SEO Toolbar by Moz, which is an add-on for Firefox, is a great tool. The MozBar, as it’s called, provides SEO metrics right in front of you as you use your browser.
  1. Internal Links: It’s important to create internal links to other pages on your site. The search engines love when you link to other content on your site.
  1. SEO Starter Guide: This is the “bible” of search engine optimization. So, follow these guidelines and you will go a very long way of having a happy, healthy search friendly design to your website. 

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