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Affiliate Tips: Make the Switch

If you haven’t already made the switch from http to https, it’s time you do.

Google may well be penalizing you for not having the most up to date, most secure site possible; http has no data security measures, but https does. As an affiliate marketer, security should really be your first priority.

Google has said that without https, Google Chrome will “mark” the site as insecure. This may not be a direct connection to a lower ranking, but over time, we suspect that it will be. As Google continues to emphasize the importance of internet security, it only makes sense that one of the ways to do that is to punish sites that don’t have https.

This Google article explains what https means, the best practices in using it, and common mistakes to look for after you’ve switched. We highly recommend reading the piece before you start the migration to https, to provide yourself some background.

So, are you ready to make the switch?
Google offers a step-by-step process to change your site from http to the more secure https.

It’s easy to forget something when conducting this process, so we highly recommend that you follow the steps laid out in the Google file to the letter.


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