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Affiliate Tips: Make More Money Online

New Affiliates are often surprised by how much effort it takes to run a high-traffic website. Starting a website is the easy part, but sustaining a high-traffic online platform is another story altogether. It takes time to get your website off the ground and start ranking for the keywords you want. The initial push can require even more hours than a regular full-time job.

That being said, it doesn’t mean that the more time you pour into your website, the faster it will flourish. Time and effort alone means nothing; it’s what you do with your time that will determine the success of your website. What this essentially means is that you can spend less time building your platform and still gain the conversions you want. We’ll show you how!

Create Your Content More Effectively

High quality, long-form articles with plenty of keywords help websites get backlinks, shares, high engagement rates, and better SEO rankings. The process of creating irresistible content usually takes up the most time for people who generally don’t enjoy writing, but Affiliates should not skip over writing high quality blog content. Plenty of case studies have shown that blogs are the key tools behind high-traffic websites. Blog articles are the perfect place to create a complex web of interlinks, while thickening up your website with key phrases that your target audience is searching for. All you need to do is create irresistible content; that is, articles with captivating titles that spark curiosity and deliver exactly what the title promises. If you need step-by-step directions, visit Our Guide to Writing Quality Content. We also offer detailed tips on how to build a captivated, sales-ready blog audience.

You can cut down on your writing time each day by dividing one long-form article into two or three days. Write several at a time, and get them plugged into a routine that you can handle. We find the most useful tool for keeping track of multiple projects at once is Trello. With this free tool, you can divide your articles into categories, such as: Currently Working On, Ready to Be Edited, Edited, and Published. With all of the free tips and tricks available on the web, there’s no excuse to skipping over a potentially high-converting blog.

This doesn’t mean that you won’t get any traffic if you don’t have a blog. We’ve seen fantastic Affiliate pages of every kind, and if you know how to make it work without a blog, then that’s more power to you. However, having more content on your website will always be to your benefit.

Make Time to Share Your Content

Highly optimized content will draw in new users organically, but you will reap much more if you promote your content effectively. Smart Blogger’s founder, Jon Morrow, states, “Until you get to 10,000 subscribers, you should spend just as much time promoting your posts as you do writing them. Or even more, if you can.” This principle means that if you spend 3 hours writing a post, you should spend at least 3 hours promoting it. In the beginning, you won’t get too much attention from your target audience because you haven’t acquired their trust just yet. The solution to this problem is to market persistently and consistently until your leads become sales-ready. One of the best ways to do this is by acquiring influencers. Influencers are thought-leaders in your sphere, or simply people with a measure of influence, who can help raise awareness for your service. There are several tried-and-true ways to gain influencers, such as hosting a giveaway, pitching your articles, and even just asking your friends and other Affiliates in your circle. The number one rule to remember is that your influencers should always receive something in return for their services.

If you want influencers without having to always pay a price, then what you’re looking for are backlinks. Quality backlinks are difficult to get; just ask any experienced Affiliate and they will tell you the same. To get the backlinks you want, you have to carefully track your competitors’ backlinks (using free tools such as Moz’s Research Tools or Small SEO Tools), create a list of your top choices, and send creative pitches until your website or article is accepted. Again, divide your time before you start pitching your content so you’ll know exactly what you need to accomplish within the hour. Do the proper research before you start your venture and then set hourly goals for yourself. Then, you will never waste a minute on ineffective strategies again! For more insights on backlinks, check out our article on Rethinking Link Building.


As we mentioned before, the amount of time you pour into your work matters, but your priorities matter even more. What are you currently prioritizing on your marketing schedule? If content promotion isn’t one of them, then perhaps you should give it a try! You’ll never know how many leads you can gain with high quality content and first class promotional tactics.

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