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Affiliate Tips: Keywords


February is PPC Month!

This month, we are focusing on tips for your PPC ads in the hopes that your ROI will start soaring. If you’re an SEO king, we have some helpful information for you as well.

We’re all aware that keywords run the internet. In fact, as an affiliate marketer, your success depends on how you make use of keywords. The first step on your path to success is understanding the different keyword types. 

Exact Match

This is for use in AdWords, which allows your ad to appear only in the event of an exact keyword match.

 Broad Match 

This is also for use in AdWords or Bing ads, a setting that triggers your ad to appear when someone searches for similar phrases that may include misspellings, plural/singular, synonyms, and related options. Bing uses the following example – if your keyword is red flower, related searches like crimson poppies, and buy crimson flower may trigger your ad. 

Long-Tail Keywords

These are keywords that are more than one or two words long. They generally range in length from five to eight words. The key for affiliate marketers is these keywords have less competition, whether it’s PPC or SEO. This is, of course, because fewer people search for them. You may well be able to carve out a profitable niche for yourself by concentrating on long-tail keywords along with the more hotly contested ones.

These are a few examples of long-tail keywords in the personal loan vertical:

  • same day personal loans no credit check
  • low interest rate personal loans


Negative Keywords

In AdWords, negative keywords prevent your ads from showing when certain words or phrases appear in a search.  The benefits of negative keywords are that you spend less because by eliminating waste and you can better target your ad by concentrating on those searchers who are really looking for your product.

The best example for this is the word “free.” You may not be interested in your ad appearing when someone is searching for a free product. The same holds true for SEO. If you don’t want to attract certain searchers (one who wants their product free) don’t use those words on your site, and if you do, don’t feature them as an <h1> or <h2>.


Do you want some help uncovering some keyword gems? WordStream offers a free keyword tool, which can help you whether you are using PPC or SEO.

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