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Affiliate Tips: How You Can Improve Your SEO Ranking

There are a variety of proven ways in which you can improve your SEO ranking. In fact, it might even be time for you to conduct a thorough check-up to make sure your pages are being indexed and that your content is of value.

  1. Can search engines find you? Install a sitemap file on your site. Run a check to make sure you detect and fix broken links on your site. Make sure images are properly optimized.
  1. Identify keywords for your site, as well as for each page, and make sure your page titles, meta descriptions and headlines, <h1>s and <h2>s reflect those.
  1. When planning and creating your content, do it for the user. If you create content that has relevance for the user, the keywords will come automatically. Make your language natural sounding. You’ve read pages that are keyword stuffed and they read horribly. Keyword stuffing does nothing to enhance the customer experience. This will hurt your SEO ranking in the long run. It’s important to remember that keywords are reflection of what searchers are looking for. When you deliver what they’re looking for in words that they use, you do them a service. This doesn’t mean you need to repeat the words seven times on a page. The key is quality, original content.
    • 3a. Have a plan and stick to it. Regular updates are important.
    • 3b. When you update a page, Google recommends using an If-Modified-Since HTTP header. This will tell your web server to tell your search engine that content has changed since the last time a site was crawled.
  1. Go Mobile. No matter your industry, your site needs to be optimized for mobile. If you’re working on a new site, do not go “live” until your mobile site is ready. Make sure your mobile site does not have too much copy, that it sizes down properly and that everything is readable.
  1. Content: 
    • 5a. Create well written, original articles that are share-worthy. You will soon realize that it often takes longer to come up with content ideas, than it does to create the content itself. Crafting titles and ideas that will appeal to current and potential customers is time well spent.
    • 5b. Video. If you’re unable to afford a lavish production (which they don’t have to be) contact your local university or look for online bulletin boards that can help you find a hobbyist who can help.
    • 5c. Compliance. If you’re in the business of generating leads for personal or business loans, make sure that your work is compliant. If you have a question about whether something meets compliance standards, check with your Affiliate Manager. If you’re in another business, do your due diligence to insure that you’re not making claims you shouldn’t be making.
  1. Follow Google and Bing Webmaster Guidelines. Both companies lay out in simple terms how to create or revise a site so that it’s indexed and to improve your chances of landing on page one of search.




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