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Affiliate Tips: How to Increase Your Mobile Site Speed

Did you know that mobile is becoming even more important than desktop in the world of digital marketing? We wouldn’t have been able to make this claim just ten years ago, but it is now truer than ever. More people around the world are using their phones to browse the internet than they are using their desktops – and keep in mind that there are only a few developed countries where folks actually have access to smartphones. Yet, with the relatively small amount of smartphones there are in comparison to desktops, the smartphone still wins.

That alone should be enough to convince you of how relevant our mobile devices have become. As digital marketers, you should do everything in your power to make your mobile experience as smooth and efficient as possible. This sounds like a no brainer, but many people completely neglect their mobile experience after optimizing their web content. In this article, we’ll show you the different ways in which you can increase your mobile site speed and optimize your mobile experience.

Evaluate Your Current Speed

Before you can truly bring your mobile platform to a higher level, you must evaluate where it currently stands. The good news is that evaluating your mobile website speed isn’t a problem at all. With web services such as Think with Google, this task is completely free and easy to carry out. The tests will run for a few minutes before you get scored on your mobile friendliness, mobile speed, and desktop speed. These performance metrics are incredibly important for a thorough analysis of your mobile site. Once you find out what your site speed score is, the next step is to figure out how to increase it.

Simplify Your Mobile Design

Next, the best way to perfect your mobile design is to simplify it. Mobile is its own stand-alone platform and should be treated as so. The design tricks that you can usually pull off on your desktop site might not fly with mobile design. First of all, the screen is much smaller, so section off your website in a scrollable manner – starting with the most important content. You can also use fewer images because it might obstruct the readers’ experience. By minimizing your use of pictures, you’ll definitely be making more room for your mobile site to load faster. Place all of your latest or most important content in the top fold of the website so that it loads first. You don’t want your visitors to give up on your mobile site only after seeing your logo and navigation bar. Make your headline and call to action hard to ignore. Better yet, you can even create a pop-up of your call to action, in addition to adding it to the top fold. Just remember that pop-ups also add a bit of weight to your mobile site, so use them extremely sparingly.

Steer Clear from Code Bloating

To keep your mobile site lightweight, be careful to not include too much coding. Code bloating typically happens when the design of the site demands too many special tweaks. We suggest that our Affiliates use the templates provided by us because all have been optimized for mobile usage. Don’t sacrifice your overall user experience for the sake of having a fancy or over-the-top design. The number one interest of the consumer is to receive the service they set out to find, whether or not your template has tons of cool features. Simply stick to a professional and clean design, and let your service do the talking.

Reduce Your Amount of Redirects

If you can’t get rid of all redirects, then try to use as few of them as possible. Each time you create a new redirect, your website loading speed suffers a little bit more. It’s as if you’ve added more coding onto your page. If your visitors are kept waiting for more than a few seconds for your page to load because of all your redirects, they might not still be there to see the final results. Check to see how many redirects are on each of your pages to ensure that your website will load quickly and efficiently each time.

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