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Affiliate Tips: How to Get Your New Website Ranking

The SEO best practices can be applied to any website during any stage in its lifetime, regardless of whether it’s a brand new site or an old site that’s been buried in the SERPs for ages. There’s a chance for everyone to get their websites seen by the masses if they are consistent in maintaining their on and off-page optimizations.

If you’ve just purchased a new website or adopted a new domain, it might take a little more time for Google to find and index your optimized pages, but you can speed up the process by doing your part to make it easier for Google bots to crawl your website. Despite what it might feel like at first, you do have a measure of control over your website’s ranking abilities – even as a brand new website. These are the best practical steps for you to take if you want to boost your rankings quickly:

Affiliate Tips: Create a Blog

Blogs are perfect for optimizing your on-page SEO. Most websites that score on the top fold of Google’s first-page results have a significant amount of inner pages, which provide a wealth of information for visitors to check out. This trend tells us one clear thing: Google’s algorithm naturally favors websites that are “thicker” with content because it contains more valuable information and, coupled with a faster-loading design, better overall user experience. More content simply means there’s more space for you to incorporate keywords, build links, and write relevant content that will draw in more visitors over time.

Affiliate Tips: Engage with Other Blogs within Niche

By commenting on other blogs and engaging in forums that contain your target audience, you are bringing your website a whole lot more exposure than you would if you were to just stay within your own bounds. Reaching out is the number one way to get others to notice you, especially if your website is new. A clever way to build links and engage with other blogs’ comment sections is to leave your website link in your signature. If you’ve written about a similar topic as the blog’s, then leverage that common ground to leave your article link in the message. Some blogs have a “no follow” code attached to their comments section, which means that you won’t gain any SEO value from the link you’ve left behind. However, it’s still a good idea to engage with other blogs because your target audience might still come across your link, which might prove to be a profitable move if they are high-quality leads.

Affiliate Tips: Build Links

We’ve briefly mentioned this in the previous point, but link building is crucial during all stages of your website lifetime (especially at first). When an authoritative domain links to you, it tells Google that your website is trustworthy and valuable enough to rank higher on SERPs. Think of each backlink you earn as a testimonial to your legitimacy. Link building can be done through dropping your own links in comments, as aforementioned, through guest blogging, pitches, or collaborations. The method in which to gain links is up to you, but remember that you only want high-quality websites to link to you. Research which blogs and websites attract the same target audience as you, and then pitch a relevant article you’ve written or your website link for a chance to get featured!

Affiliate Tips: Optimize Your Design

Design optimization encompasses several things: aesthetics, speed, user-friendliness, and mobile-friendliness. The latter three all contribute to your overall SEO rankings. Even though your website needs to contain multiple inner pages in order to have enough content to rank highly, it still needs to load fast. That’s the trick for many websites to overcome, but it all boils down to being mindful with your design aesthetics. If you can, limit the number of high definition photos, plugins, and redirects on your page. These attributes slow down the loading speed, which dulls the user experience. As for mobile-friendliness, this is a must rather than an option. With more Google searches coming from mobile phones rather than desktops, Google will only prioritize search results that incorporate mobile-friendly layouts.

Affiliate Tips: Strengthen Your Content

Finally, once you’ve optimized your design, strengthen your body content. This includes writing thorough, keyword-rich meta descriptions, titles, headlines, and call-to-actions. Even your Home Page should have a substantial amount of text, although it should all be consolidated by a visually-appealing website template. The strength of your content will determine whether or not your visitors will convert. Because of this, we advise that you build trust with your potential leads by educating them on the product(s) that you’re advertising. Give facts, FAQs, and multiple contact options, should they have any questions. This gives your service a whole lot more credibility.

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