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Affiliate Tips: Getting More Pages Indexed

Did you know that it takes anywhere from four hours to four weeks for Google crawlers to index new pages? This waiting period could be a tiring delay for some eager digital marketers, especially those who need a steady income from lead generation. Four weeks of no monetary conversions can be detrimental! Although there are no sure ways to guarantee faster ranking, it is possible to stimulate faster indexation. We’ll show you the ropes.

How to Get Indexed Quicker: Build and Submit a Sitemap

A sitemap is exactly what it sounds like—a map that points to different pages throughout your website. Sitemaps allow Googlebots, or web crawlers, to crawl and index your pages more efficiently. The purpose of these web crawlers is to find new pages and categorize them based on the overall quality of that page. Sitemaps make it easier for crawlers to find these optimized pages.

If you have a WordPress page, the Google XML Sitemaps plugin would be your best option. This plugin automatically updates and submits your sitemaps for you, so you only have to get it done once and forget about it. You can also use other sitemap generators on the web and upload them onto your domain root folder.

To do that, you’ll first have to verify your site with Google Search Console. Afterwards, create an XML sitemap with Google Webmasters, and then submit it to get indexed by clicking on Crawl à Fetch as Google à Fetch à Submit to Index on the Search Console homepage. This doesn’t get your site indexed immediately because it still takes Google some time to process your request and crawl/index your page, but it will still stimulate faster indexing than leaving your site untouched (especially if it’s a new site).

How to Get Indexed Quicker: Get Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the ultimate free tool for online marketers and lead generators to track their web leads. It’s also an all-in-one solution for those who want all website data displayed on simplified graphs and metrics. Not only will Google Analytics come in handy for marketing purposes, but allowing Google itself to analyze your website will most definitely help bring your site to its attention. For those who want their new pages to be noticed quicker, submitting it to Google Analytics is the way to go.

How to Get Indexed Quicker: Share Your Link on Social Platforms

Googlebots discover new websites through the action of crawling from link to link. That means the more backlinks your website has, the higher your chances of getting indexed quickly. Open up new doorways for crawling by updating your social channels with your website link. In this day and age, social marketing rivals SEO. Many Affiliates and general bloggers drive most of their traffic through social media.  Even though a link on your social platforms won’t have any SEO value, it will still create a prominent channel for web crawlers to find your URL.

How to Get Indexed Quicker: Submit Your URLs

It’s highly beneficial for new webmasters to submit their URLs on major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. This doesn’t guarantee that your page will be indexed, but giving these engines a heads up that your site exists surely doesn’t hurt or take much time. To submit your website to search engines, simply go to the platforms and search, “Submit URL to [name of search engine].” A simple form should show up and allow you to submit your URL immediately.

It’s definitely a relief that you don’t have to wait weeks to get indexed. We hope to see your pages pop up on the SERPs!

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