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Affiliate Tips: How to Get More Out of Your Emails

Affiliates know that one of the most powerful marketing tools at their disposal is email marketing. It’s understood that keeping in regular contact with your subscribers is one of the best ways to grow and maintain your business.

Because emails are so useful, it’s worth putting your email practices under the microscope to confirm you’re getting the maximum potential out of every outgoing message. If you are interested in squeezing every last advantage out of your emails check out our affiliate tips below.

Affiliate Tip #1: Curate Your Subscriber List

Curating your email list is a two-way street: like any good collection you’ll, of course, want to keep growing it, but also clear away excess from time to time. When it comes to adding fresh subscribers, remember you can never have too many engaged consumers.

It’s smart to have a way to passively add subscribers through popup windows or subscription forms on your landing page. But don’t just sit back and wait for people to join—go ahead and incentive people to sign up for your emails by running special promotions like webinars or e-book giveaways. If you operate at trade shows they can also be a great forum for expanding your email list.

At the same time, don’t forget to complete a good email scrub every once and awhile. Like any spring cleaning, clearing out excess emails from your list can have big benefits. Unengaged subscribers can hurt your open rate, and may even mark your emails as spam. You want to work hard to develop a subscriber list that is substantial in size and high in enthusiasm.

Affiliate Tip #2: Personalize Your Approach

Even though you may be communicating with many people over an email list, taking steps to make it seem like a one-on-one conversation with every subscriber can go a long way. You can personalize emails by formatting it so that each subscriber’s first name is in the subject line or opening greeting. It can also be useful to include the name of a company representative on your end so the message feels like it’s coming from a person instead of a mass email list. It’s also helpful if you are able to customize emails based on what industry the recipient works in or their geographic location. Any extra touch of personalization will let your emails pack an extra punch.

Affiliate Tip #3: Make it Easy to Unsubscribe

This tip may seem counter-intuitive, but this can actually help optimize your emailing power in the long run. As mentioned in Tip #1, you’ll want to curate your subscriber list. A large part of that means letting anyone who’d like to opt out do so with little difficulty. If people who don’t want your emails continue to receive them there’s a chance your email could get dinged as spam—something that could cause major deliverability issues. It’s been reported that up to 20 percent of emails that have been opted-into can still be marked as spam, so there is value in taking every precaution to ensure that only willing subscribers receive your messages.

Plus, letting readers know they always have an opt-out option shows a confidence in your material. It is a statement that you stand behind your work and don’t need to play games when it comes to sharing your content.

Affiliate Tip #4: Utilize A/B Testing

One of the great ways to optimize your email marketing is with A/B Testing. With this digital tool, you can get terrific insight into how your subscribers react to different types of messages. It can be especially helpful when you’re launching a new campaign or floating different types of promotions to see what sticks.

Affiliate Tip #5: Create Mobile-Friendly Emails

Smartphones have turned emails into a massively mobile affair. Studies have shown that over 66 percent of emails are opened on smartphone or tablet devices. With so many eyeballs looking at your emails on mobile screens, it is in your best interest to craft emails that won’t frustrate mobile users. Keep messages short—nothing that can’t be read while waiting in line to buy coffee. Check that all graphics and layouts will look just as good on a small screen as they would on a large desktop monitor. By making emails that fit the mobile format, you’ll put yourself in a better position to convert.

Affiliate Tip #6: Develop a Distinctive Voice

Email marketing is a popular marketing channel with plenty of opportunities for success—meaning that it is also a very competitive field. When composing an email message, consider all the other emails that will be flooding subscribers’ inboxes besides yours. It’s worth it to wonder how your message is going to stand out.

Considered that way, it’s clear that developing a unique voice could go a long way towards increasing your open rate and click-throughs. What substance and style can you deliver to your subscribers that no one else can? If you can promise consumers something different, they may make a habit of regularly seeing what you have to say.

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