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Affiliate Tips: Get More from Your Email Marketing Efforts

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Most experienced affiliate marketers are well-aware of the tremendous value and reach of email marketing. A report from The Radocati Group estimated that there will be 246 billion emails sent every day by the end of 2019.

Emails are a part of everybody’s day-to-day life—and they give marketers a direct connection to their prospects, with impressive results. Email marketing is consistently rated by marketers as a valuable tool for both customer acquisition and retention. New technology platforms have made it easier than ever for you to create customized messages that reflect your brand.

But even if you are already utilizing email marketing as part of your strategy, there is still plenty more you can do to make sure you’re getting the maximum return on your email efforts.

Affiliate Tip #1: Segment Your Email List

Segmentation is one of the smarter ways to get more out of your email marketing efforts. You can separate your email subscribers into different lists, giving you the ability to send more specified email messages. Segment by location to send emails that specify residents of a certain state or city. Which message below has a better likelihood of being opened?

Subject: Check out our great new deals for the summer!

Subject: Hey Houston, forget about the heat and check out our great new summer deals!

Segmentation allows you to target your subscribers, making them feel like they are getting an email that is just for them instead of being included on some massive mailing list. “Bulk emails” that send the same content to all recipients regardless of age, location, or past engagement habits are less likely to get opened and clicked through.

Affiliate Tip #2: Embrace Different Kinds of Media

It’s imperative that you closely track how prospects are interacting with your emails and look for opportunities to boost engagement with different forms of media. If you’ve only been sending emails with text, look into including a clickable high-resolution image.

Take it one step farther and see how an embedded video plays in your email messages. By exploring your options in terms of media, you could open an entirely new way to engage with consumers.

Affiliate Tip #3: Focus on Deliverability

It can be easy to overlook deliverability, but it remains one of the most important factors in getting the most from your email marketing strategy. Even the most professional emails can end up in the spam folder if certain deliverability practices are not closely monitored. While some factors relating to ESPs (email service providers) may be out of your control, you can focus on your sender reputation.

There are a few steps you can take to maintain a strong sender reputation. Avoid using too many all-uppercase words (more than one may be too many) and don’t include too many special characters in the subject line. Make sure that you have an address listed at the bottom of every email, as well as a clear ‘unsubscribe” button. Following these deliverability practices will make your emails ending up in a spam folder less likely.

Affiliate Tip #4: Adopt an Email Marketing Platform

Finally, one solution that can help improve nearly every aspect of your email marketing is to get a robust email marketing platform. Filled with automation features that save time and identify data trends, an email marketing platform is ideal for optimizing your entire email marketing strategy. It will help segment email lists, collect valuable recipient data, give you a choice of templates to work with, and provide a hub that covers all your email marketing processes.

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