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Affiliate Tips: Free Keyword Research Tools


The internet marketing powerhouse MOZ released a free keyword research tool recently, aptly named Keyword Explorer. This limits you to two searches per day for free, but for those two searches, you will receive a mountain of data including, relevancy, volume of searches, related keyword data, plus scores for opportunity, difficulty and potential for that keyword. It’ll also predict (they say with 90% accuracy) how much volume a keyword will receive.

Google also has a similar keyword research tool called the Google AdWords Keyword Planner. The only drawback is you would have to create an AdWords account in order to use this tool. I found the spreadsheet (example below) of related keyword data particularly helpful.

moz KW spreadsheet



The following two screenshots show you just how easy to read and attractive the user interface is.

moz keyword examiner



moz website results

The release of this new tool made us realize it’s time to review other free keywords tools.

SEMrush provides a wealth of data about your website as well as your competitors, including top organic keywords, main organic competitors, backlinks, and more. You can also research by keyword, getting average CPC and sites ranking for the keyword. This data can be exported as an excel file for further study.


Wordstream’s free tool offers ten keyword searches up front, then one per day thereafter. The list of features is an impressive one. You can find long tail keywords, phrases people search for, meta keywords, PPC keywords, and more.

Keyword Spy

You can receive a report on the PPC efforts affiliated with the URL you search for. You will also find a list of keywords that this site ranks with. You can find more PPC data as well as similar keywords with search volume and PPC data. That’s not all, you will also find examples of paid search ads for that keyword. If you’re concentrating on PPC, this is a great tool for you.


SpyFu markets themselves as a spy for you on your competition. You can get data on organic keywords that rank, monthly SEO clicks, paid PPC efforts, and more, including top organic competitors and top competitor shared keywords. If you want to rest how accurate it is, type in your own website and see what the results are.

We hope these tools help you in your efforts to reach the number one position for your keywords!






Keyword Spy:






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