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Affiliate Tips: Engaging Leads with Email Marketing

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It’s difficult to overstate just how useful emails can be to affiliate marketers—nearly no other marketing channel is consistently as effective at such a value. In fact, a VentureBeat study found that email marketing can achieve $38 in ROI for every $1 spent. All this is immensely valuable when it comes to generating and engaging leads. Emails allow the perfect level of one-on-one marketing that can give you the opportunity to convert a wary prospect into a confirmed lead.

Email marketing is both a science and an art: at the same time it is a ruthless game of numbers and data, yet there is a finesse that comes with enticing recipients to open your emails and engage in whatever call-to-action you might have. Here are a few of the best strategies to engage your leads using email marketing.

Affiliate Tip #1: Write Brilliant Subject Lines

It’s much easier said than done, but the truth is that so much of your email marketing success will be directly related to your ability to craft an intriguing email subject line. Every email blast really only has one chance at making an impression on the recipient, so you absolutely have to make it stand out.

There are a number of ways you can go about coming up with the perfect email subject lines. One is to use humor—a turn of phrase or clever statement will usually have a good chance at getting your recipient to open your email and explore further.

You can also try to pique your subscribers’ curiosity with a subject line that beckons them to read further. You’ll want to be careful to not be too outlandish. The last thing you want to come off as is sensational or click-bait, but a hint of well-placed mystery can usually draw your recipient in.

Finally, you can always use your subject line as a way to promote value. If you’re offering a valuable resource or special deal your recipients will likely be eager to learn more. This too is a balancing act: don’t promise a “life-changing deal” in your email only for readers to discover you’re giving them 10% off. Crafting the imagination-capturing subject line is a skill that can be developed and learned over time, but it is invaluable once mastered.

Affiliate Tip #2: Add a “Ticking Clock”

You’re not adding a real clock, of course, but most of your emails will be well-served by giving recipients some kind of a deadline to act. Once you have injected a sense of urgency into your emails, you’ll have a better chance at compelling those who have been on the fence to finally take action. The use of time-related phrases like “Sign up today!” or “Limited time offer!” will force people to make a decision on your proposition instead of waiting it out. Like a ticking clock in a tense movie thriller, you’ll heighten your recipients’ senses and encourage them to engage.

Affiliate Tip #3: Keep Your Emails Looking Sharp

While your subject line and email messages have a lot of impact, it’s also important to remember that your emails are a reflection of your brand. You’ll want to make sure every email looks good and puts off an interesting and professional vibe for your company. Be wary of using too many images, they can sometimes be left out by email security blockers. But don’t fall into a trap of solely using black text on a white background—make your emails a vibrant departure from the litany of regular messages your recipient likely has to contend with.

Affiliate Tip #4: Forge a Connection

Email marketing is remarkable because it allows you to communicate with the consumer in a very personal way—their inbox. You’ll want to take advantage of this by making your emails a direct appeal. Personalize your emails with the recipient’s name or locality. Treat the emails as a correspondence between friends and you’ll have a better chance at creating brand loyalty.

Affiliate Tip #5: Tell a Story

You don’t want to turn any of your emails into a novel, but you should think about what kind of “stories” you can tell about why your subscribers should engage. Perhaps your customers have saved with you in the past or one has left a glowing review. Or tell a story with your recipient as the star: here’s your issue, here’s how we can help, and here is what your life will be like after you use us.

A simple narrative is much more likely to have an impact than listing numbers or product features. Put your storytelling to use and you’ll be that much more likely to get your leads to engage.

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